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Fellow Year Project Report
Neal ASHKANASY OAM, Neal 1975 To study the rules and efficient operation of water resource systems involving more than one storage system in a computer programme involving multiplicity of purpose - USA, UK, Canada
Ian BACKLER AM, Ian 1975 To study operational techniques in selected fishermen's organisations - USA, Canada, Iceland
David BAILEY, David 1975 To observe and study latest research findings in the growing, harvesting and by-product extractions from sunflowers and soyabeans - USA, UK, Denmark, Canada
John BLACK, John 1975 To visit medical physics centres with particular reference to the range of facilities offered and to the use of computers in coronary care and neurophysiology - UK, USA
Joy BRANN, Joy 1975 To study overseas developments in health care programmes where a move has been made away from hospital board to community oriented services - UK, USA, Canada, India, Thailand, Fiji, Malaysia,Yugoslavia, Switzerland
Elizabeth CARTWRIGHT, Elizabeth 1975 To study developments in cell culture in relation to several metabolic diseases - UK
Ralph CATTS, Ralph 1975 To investigate trade and technical courses in terms of student assessment, teaching methods, course organisation and staff employment - USA, UK
John CRAN, John 1975 To investigate various methods in bassoon teaching, more particularly in respect of chamber music, repertoire and make of instruments used - USA, UK, Canada, France, Germany
Jeffrey CRELLIN, Jeffrey 1975 To continue studies in oboe playing - Germany, France PDF  
Edward DAVIES, Edward 1975 To study government policies regarding mineral resources and governmental administration of the mining industry - UK, Canada, USA, Mexico, South Africa, Zambia
David DAVIS, David 1975 To study modern overseas developments in voluntary agencies in youth work, more particularly in respect of meeting community needs, programme developments and liaison with government policy - USA, Canada, Germany
Simone DE HANN, Simone 1975 To undertake studies in playing trombone - UK, Germany
Peter DOWLING, Peter 1975 To study the application of principles and to make personal contact with workers in the field of aerial sowing of pastures - New Zealand, USA
Edward FINNIE, Edward 1975 To investigate overseas methods used in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases affecting wild animals - USA, UK, Germany
Owen FISENDEN, Owen 1975 To consult distinguished teachers of the flute on playing techniques - UK, France, Hungary, Netherlands, Japan
Roslyn FISHER, Roslyn 1975 To study the techniques used and results obtained in research carried out in young-driver accident involvement - USA, UK, Sweden
Kenneth FITCH, Kenneth 1975 To study the effects of exercise on asthma patients - USA, UK, Canada, Sweden
Michelle GALLANT, Michelle 1975 To gain first hand experience in echocardiography of a practical kind and to survey unpublished theoretical information relating to this field - USA, UK
Keith GLOVER, Keith 1975 To undertake observations and enquiries which will lead to improving effectiveness as a senior announcer in the overseas service, Radio Australia - Japan, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden
Rosemary GRAY, Rosemary 1975 To study modern developments in therapeutic methods practiced by psychiatric nurses as training methods and administration procedures adopted in integrating the work of such nurses with that of other hospital nurses - USA, Canada, UK
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