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Fellow Year Project Report
Farzana Choudhury, Farzana 2019 To empower people facing poverty through social and housing status rights-based models - New Zealand, USA, Canada, UK
Joel Dignam, Joel 2019 To learn how to best build an organisation to grow the power of renters to advocate for social change - UK, USA, New Zealand
Billy Garvey, Billy 2019 To improve child health and development using technology to support evidence-based parenting practice - USA, UK, Sweden
Lois Keay-Smith, Lois 2019 To help adults navigate their career interruption, career re-invention and work life after cancer - Canada, USA, UK
Adongwot Manyoul, Adongwot 2019 The Peter Mitchell Churchill Fellowship to investigate ways in which Africans have been integrated in other Western multicultural societies - USA, UK, France, Norway
Michael McSweeney, Michael 2019 The Blakeney Millar Foundation Churchill Fellowship to study ways of engaging isolated people through local theatre in small communities - New Zealand, USA, Canada
Melinda Tually, Melinda 2019 To understand best practice garment manufacturing upholding workers rights and paying living wages - Vietnam, Cambodia, India, UK, USA
Talia Stump, Talia 2018 To investigate strategies to support the secondary migration of refugees to regional and rural towns - Canada, USA, Germany, Norway, Sweden PDF  
Sonja Braidner, Sonja 2018 To improve organisational inclusion and fully leverage the diversity employed in fire agencies - Japan, USA, UK, Iceland, Germany PDF  
Catherine Cosgrave, Catherine 2018 The Jack Brockhoff Foundation Churchill Fellowship to investigate new approaches to strengthen social connection of newly-arrived health workers in rural Australia - Canada PDF  
Natalia Krysiak, Natalia 2018 To investigate best practice for designing child-friendly high density neighbourhoods - Singapore, China, Japan, Canada, UK PDF  
Monica Diaz, Monica 2017 To explore the care and support available to women with female genital mutilation during pregnancy - UK, Ireland, Switzerland, Belgium PDF  
Penelope Mules, Penelope 2017 The John Hartley Churchill Fellowship to investigate ways to increase employment of Indigenous women as rangers - India, Nepal, South Africa, Kenya, USA, Canada, New Zealand PDF  
Debra Robertson APM, Debra 2017 To develop a workplace policing model which builds flexibility, fairness and equity - Ireland, UK, Austria, Iceland, Norway PDF  
Julia Symons, Julia 2017 To investigate elite sports environments that enable culturally diverse women to thrive - New Zealand, USA, UK PDF  
Jessica Cocks, Jessica 2016 To research innovative parent /family inclusion and partnership approaches in child welfare - USA, Canada, Norway, UK PDF  
Catherine Doherty, Catherine 2016 The Gallaugher Bequest Churchill Fellowship to investigate cost effective interventions to improve literacy outcomes of primary aged children - USA, UK, Ireland PDF  
Jane Pedersen, Jane 2016 The Peter Mitchell Churchill Fellowship to explore Canadian-based approaches empowering women and children to overcome intergenerational trauma - Canada, USA PDF  
Mark Robertson, Mark 2016 The Churchill Fellows' Association of New South Wales Churchill Fellowship to research how other organisations globally work with at-risk and street youth as a hip-hop school - USA PDF  
Jane Tonkin, Jane 2016 To explore innovative examples of arts complementing education and inspiring engagement with learning - Finland, UK, South Africa PDF  
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