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Fellow Year Project Report
William Rayner, William 2016 The Churchill Fellows' Association of South Australia Churchill Fellowship to investigate alternative finance structures for Australian family farmers - USA, Canada, China PDF  
Eliza Wood, Eliza 2012 The Gallaugher Bequest Churchill Fellowship to learn how farmers of rare breed pigs and pork products can incorporate tourism into their businesses without compromising farm integrity and production - UK, Italy, Spain, France PDF  
Michael STEPHENS , Michael 2008 The Samuel and Eileen Gluyas Churchill Fellowship to study silvopastoral design and potential in the sub-tropics - USA, UK, France, Spain PDF  
Anthony WILLIAMS, Anthony 2008 To study behavioural programs to reduce fatalities and injuries on Australian farms - U.K., France, Canada, USA PDF  
Louise GILFEDDER OAM, Louise 2006 To investigate partnership models that encourage farmers to incorporate conservation into farming practices - USA, Canada PDF  
Kim HARWOOD, Kim 2004 To investigate feed alternatives, disease management and the marketing of organic egg production - USA, Canada, U.K., Germany, Denmark, Switzerland PDF  
Andrew HUCKEL, Andrew 2004 To examine incentive schemes used to encourage farmers to adopt land and water conservation activities - USA, U.K., Italy PDF  
Richard FRANKLIN, Richard 2002 To undertake an examination of how other countries manage and use farm injury information - New Zealand, USA, Canada PDF  
Anne ADAMS, Anne 2002 To study how farmers can invest in and capture value from intellectual property in the herd recording industry in the face of new technologies and new science - USA, UK, Netherlands, Germany, New Zealand PDF  
Graeme BURNHAM, Graeme 2002 To study the implementation of Occupational Health and Safety practices on farms - USA, Canada, U.K. PDF  
Benjamin FARGHER, Benjamin 2001 To study successful farm adjustment policies overseas in order to contribute directly to the more effective management of change in rural and regional Australia - USA, Canada, UK, Belgium, Switzerland, France PDF  
Frances MACLENNAN, Frances 2001 To investigate the revitalisation of rural communities through strategic planning and community group facilitation skills - Canada, USA, France PDF  
Donald COCHRANE, Donald 1999 To investigate the integration of trees and shrubs into farming systems for economic and environmental reasons - South Africa, USA
Lesley MARSHALL, Lesley 1999 The Samuel and Eileen Gluyas Churchill Fellowship to study prairie farm rehabilitation administration with particular reference to land and water resources - Canada
Brian TRENCH, Brian 1999 To investigate the administration and operation of the LEAF programme (Linking the Environment And Farming) - U.K.
Jonathan MEDWAY, Jonathan 1998 To investigate the technology and application of precision farming - USA, UK, Germany
Margaret MAHON, Margaret 1997 To examine farm safety programmes with particular reference to the use of safety equipment - USA, Canada
Gregory CAHILL, Gregory 1995 To investigate new and innovative ways of encouraging and promoting on-farm diversification and new farm enterprises - USA, UK PDF  
Geoffrey HONEY, Geoffrey 1994 To study price risk management strategies with particular reference to family farm operations - USA
Edward LEFROY, Edward 1994 The Wesfarmers Churchill Fellowship to study examples of the integration of trees and shrubs into dryland farming systems for conservation of land and water - South Africa, Kenya, France, USA
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