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Fellow Year Project Report
Zoe Eather, Zoe 2018 To accelerate the integration of "Smart Mobility" to enable more liveable Australian communities - USA, Canada, Mexico, South Korea, Netherlands, Spain, UK, South Africa PDF  
Sivacarendran Balendhran, Sivacarendran 2014 To create high performance electronic memory devices by combining exotic two-dimensional materials - USA PDF  
Oran Rigby, Oran 2014 The Dr Lena Elizabeth McEwan and Dame Joyce Daws Churchill Fellowship to utilise robotics and telemedicine to leverage trauma medical advice to rural, regional and remote civilian Australian citizens and military personnel - USA, Canada PDF  
Elisabeth Turner, Elisabeth 2012 The Vincent Fairfax Ethics in Leadership Foundation Churchill Fellowship to visit Microsoft Worldwide schools to investigate innovative leadership, ICT and global learning - Korean Republic, Singapore, Malaysia PDF  
Felicity FLACK, Felicity 2011 To investigate different models of data linkage to maximise the public benefit and minimise the risks to individual privacy - UK, Canada PDF  
Steven CALDWELL, Steven 2010 To study programs that support young Australians to develop positive values in online communities - USA PDF  
Grant HARPER, Grant 2009 The Lord Mayor's Bushfire Appeal Churchill Fellowship to research and develop an automated, rapid multi-media national emergency incident update and notification system - USA PDF  
Renae MATHIESON (NOW WOODHAMS), Renae 2008 To investigate the use of new technologies to attract and retain audiences - U.K., France, Spain, USA, Singapore PDF  
Jeremy BARKER, Jeremy 2007 To study bioinformatics (delivering knowledge to research scientists) services - USA, U.K. PDF  
Rod NOCKLES, Rod 2006 To examine public communication programs with emphasis on private and public sector partnerships designed to protect children using the internet - Singapore, U.K., France, USA PDF  
Melissa KENNEDY, Melissa 2002 To investigate how information and communications technology is being integrated into the secondary school curriculum - U.K., Ireland PDF  
Jordan RACE, Jordan 2002 To ascertain how information and communications technology is used in delivering education - Singapore
Amanda CORNWALL, Amanda 2002 To investigate the impact of information technology in health services on consumer privacy and access to information - New Zealand, USA, Canada, U.K., France, Germany PDF  
Kenneth PRICE, Kenneth 1998 The ANTA Research Advisory Council Churchill Fellowship to investigate the latest trends in information technology and computer education - USA, Canada PDF  
Richard GRANT APM, Richard 1996 The Donald Mackay Churchill Fellowship to identify trends in the use of telecommunications by criminals and to study methods of interception - USA, Canada, UK, Netherlands
Andrew CLARK, Andrew 1993 To study community based computer communication networks and their use in the facilitation of communication amongst community and health services - USA, UK, Canada, Sweden
Bruce RIGBY, Bruce 1993 The IBM Churchill Fellowship to study ways in which computer telecommunication techniques are being used in other countries to expand and enrich the educational opportunities for children of school age - USA, UK, Denmark
Dianne CAMPBELL, Dianne 1991 To review management information systems in use in the US with a view to applying the lessons learned in Australia - USA PDF  
Colin SUTCLIFFE OAM, Colin 1989 To study and evaluate new distance learning technologies to assist with expansion of distance education centres and more extensive use of modern communications technology - USA, Canada
Angela LOW (NOW NEUHAUS), Angela 1987 To study the provision of health services in remote areas, and in particular the use of satellite communication in order to improve frontier health services in New South Wales - Canada
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