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Fellow Year Project Report
Owen Churches, Owen 2018 To create fairness and accountability in the use of government decision making algorithms - UK, Belgium, Austria PDF  
Samuel Halliday, Samuel 2018 To investigate variances of international approaches to the regulation of medical cannabis - USA, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Israel PDF  
Michelle Deshong, Michelle 2017 The James Love Churchill Fellowship to research and apply best practice on Indigenous governance and leadership models - USA, Canada, New Zealand PDF  
Susan Gontaszewski, Susan 2016 To investigate the implementation of online prescription monitoring programs - Canada, USA PDF  
Amanda Pagan, Amanda 2016 The Jack Brockhoff Foundation Churchill Fellowship to investigate the success of outcomes based contracting in disability services - UK, Ireland, New Zealand, Sweden PDF  
Corrine McMillan, Corrine 2015 To investigate how governments prepare educational leaders for contexts of increased autonomy - Singapore, Finland, France PDF  
Andrew Morgan, Andrew 2015 To investigate the options for reducing the risk of mesothelioma through government initiatives - Poland, Belgium, Italy, Germany, UK, Switzerland, Denmark PDF  
Heather Smith, Heather 2015 To identify robust governance structures in community energy schemes - Japan, Germany, Denmark, UK, USA PDF  
Kate Breen, Kate 2014 The AV Jennings Churchill Fellowship to investigate the use of inclusionary zoning requirements to support the delivery of affordable housing - USA, Canada, UK PDF  
Anna Peeters, Anna 2014 To identify obesity prevention policies most likely to improve social inequalities in obesity - Netherlands, UK, USA PDF  
Sue-Anne Wallace AM, Sue-Anne 2014 To investigate self-regulatory codes of conduct and complaints handling in the not-for-profit sector - UK, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, USA PDF  
Julia Agostino, Julia 2012 To assess local government strategies for transitioning communities - UK, Denmark, USA PDF  
Sean O'Toole, Sean 2012 To strengthen the capability and career options for Aboriginal people working in the human services sector - New Zealand, USA, Canada PDF  
Pippa Rudd, Pippa 2012 To develop an integrated legislative and service system response to youth justice and child protection in the Northern Territory - UK, USA PDF  
Sonia ALLAN OAM, Sonia 2011 To undertake a cross-jurisdictional study of regulatory requirements for recording and releasing donor information in assisted reproduction - Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, UK PDF  
Galina LAURIE, Galina 2011 The AV Jennings Churchill Fellowship to visit public housing renewal sites to examine the relevance of their approaches for Australia - Netherlands, UK, USA PDF  
Jane MARTIN, Jane 2011 The Jack Brockhoff Foundation Churchill Fellowship to study advocacy strategies to encourage government to adopt evidence-based policies to prevent Australians becoming overweight and obese - USA, UK PDF  
Claire BRAUND, Claire 2010 To assess the impact of the introduction of boardroom gender quotas - Norway, France, UK PDF  
Darren MITCHELL, Darren 2010 To investigate governance and management models for the ongoing care of war memorials - USA, Canada, UK, Belgium PDF  
Eric CHALMERS, Eric 2009 The NRMA-A.C.T. Road Safety Trust Churchill Fellowship to study road-related child injury prevention programs - New Zealand, USA, UK, Austria, Germany, Switzerland PDF  
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