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Fellow Year Project Report
Steven Harrison, Steven 2015 The Park Family Churchill Fellowship to investigate school to work apprenticeship pathways in the European salmon aquaculture industry - Norway, UK PDF  
Lesley Richardson, Lesley 2014 The Park Family Churchill Fellowship to investigate the youth engagement, and industry collaboration strategies of high performing vocational and technical education systems (VET) - USA, UK, Germany PDF  
Natasha CHISHOLM, Natasha 2011 To explore successful models of school to work transition and alternative school programs for Indigenous students - New Zealand, USA, Canada, UK PDF  
Danny DEUTSCHER, Danny 2010 The Park Family Churchill Fellowship to identify factors influencing young people in making career decisions relating to apprenticeships - UK, USA PDF  
Bernard FITZSIMONS, Bernard 2010 The Phyllis Primrose Whyte Churchill Fellowship to optimise industry and tertiary partnerships to maximise outcomes from Project Based Learning in schools - USA, Canada PDF  
Judy SABA, Judy 2010 To undertake a comparative study of diversity skills training and human rights integration in policing organisations - USA, Lebanon, United Arab Emirates, UK PDF  
Stephen DODD, Stephen 2009 To study the operational training and education of law enforcement personnel in the area of human source management - USA, Canada, UK, Ireland PDF  
Heather GWILLIAM OAM, Heather 2009 To visit schools, agencies, government departments and vocational projects that are enhancing the transitions of young people into employment and training - Singapore, U.K. PDF  
Carmel DAVIES, Carmel 2007 To study innovative ESL teacher training and classroom practice for adult learners - USA, Canada, U.K., Spain PDF  
Andrew NIXON, Andrew 2007 To study Park Ranger induction and initial training programs - U.K., Canada, USA, Argentina PDF  
Selena Clancy (nee Joiner), Selena 2006 To examine the management procedures of soldiers injured during initial employment training and to assess initiatives to ensure Australian Defence Force Initial Employment Trainees successfully return to the training force - U.K., USA PDF  
Martin PHILLIPS, Martin 2006 To study methods of diver training delivery used by government accredited facilities with a view to identifying areas of benefit which could be incorporated into the Australian training format with emphasis on occupational health and safety - U.K., Norway PDF  
Andrea DEAN RSJ, Andrea 2004 To investigate the principles and practices of the "Centre for Teacher Formation" and explore how these can be applied in professional development activities for Australian educators - USA PDF  
John McKAY, John 2003 To study alternative approaches to the delivery of vocational education and training to thin student markets in regional communities - U.K. PDF  
Brian LUCAS, Brian 2002 To attend various conferences to broaden my experience of church media relations - Italy, U.K., USA PDF  
Stephen TRELOAR, Stephen 2002 To study models of vocational employment of persons with a disability - Sweden, U.K., USA PDF  
Ian NIELSEN, Ian 2001 To investigate the on-farm/educational delivery of vocational training in aquaculture - USA, Canada, UK, New Zealand, Hong Kong PDF  
James EFTOS, James 2000 To investigate cadet and leadership training programmes - UK, USA, Canada PDF  
Peter LANE, Peter 2000 To study successful apprenticeship growth strategies - Ireland, UK, USA
Catherine O'SULLIVAN, Catherine 2000 To investigate strategies and processes for developing vocational education associated enterprise partnerships within rural school communites - USA, Canada, Sweden, Finland, UK PDF  
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