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Fellow Year Project Report
Kathryn Morton, Kathryn 2017 To investigate and design new, innovative approaches to grow and market Indigenous tourism experiences - USA, Canada, New Zealand PDF  
Marcus Mulcahy, Marcus 2017 The Nancy Fairfax Churchill Fellowship to optimise digital technology learning and skills in primary schools - USA PDF  
Penelope Mules, Penelope 2017 The John Hartley Churchill Fellowship to investigate ways to increase employment of Indigenous women as rangers - India, Nepal, South Africa, Kenya, USA, Canada, New Zealand
Robert Nairn, Robert 2017 To examine the impact of principal preparation programs in preparing leaders for the role of principal - Singapore, UK, Denmark, Norway, USA PDF  
Veronica Neave, Veronica 2017 The Stuart and Norma Leslie Churchill Fellowship to further my Shakespeare studies in order to become a distinguished Shakespearean performance teacher - UK, USA PDF  
Carolyn Nixon, Carolyn 2017 To research new, practical methods to fight law enforcement corruption by organised crime - Hong Kong, Austria, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland PDF  
James O'Brien, James 2017 The Sir William Kilpatrick Churchill Fellowship to research new content and electronic delivery of training for Prader-Willi Syndrome for city, regional and remote communities - USA PDF  
Lisa O'Brien, Lisa 2017 The Jack Brockhoff Foundation Churchill Fellowship to gain new knowledge regarding 3D-printed hand prostheses - USA, Brazil, UK, Netherlands PDF  
Sarah O'Shea, Sarah 2017 To explore best practice in retaining students who are first-in-family to attend university - UK, Canada, USA PDF  
Katarina Palmgren, Katarina 2017 To explore the use of online dispute resolution to resolve civil disputes - Canada, USA, UK, Netherlands, France PDF  
Stephen Poropat, Stephen 2017 To explore the impact of continental drift and climate change on Southern Hemisphere dinosaur faunas - Argentina PDF  
Jan Radford, Jan 2017 The Department of Health Churchill Fellowship to investigate how routinely collected GP electronic medical record data can be used to improve patient care - UK, Netherlands PDF  
Julie Reilly, Julie 2017 To identify more effective personal and institutional giving to women and girls - USA, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, UK PDF  
Paul Reynolds, Paul 2017 To reduce incidents of drowning particularly amongst young children - Switzerland, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Philippines, New Zealand PDF  
Tim Roache, Tim 2017 The Jack Green Churchill Fellowship to modernise milk price models and manage price risk in the Australian dairy market - Netherlands, UK, Ireland, USA, New Zealand PDF  
Paul Roberts, Paul 2017 To investigate a model for policing, employment and empowerment for remote Indigenous communities - Canada, USA
Debra Robertson APM, Debra 2017 To develop a workplace policing model which builds flexibility, fairness and equity - Ireland, UK, Austria, Iceland, Norway PDF  
Brian Roche, Brian 2017 To investigate if supported decision making will reduce elder financial abuse in Australia - UK, Canada PDF  
Avnika Ruparelia, Avnika 2017 The Dr Dorothea Sandars and Irene Lee Churchill Fellowship to investigate the molecular cues that drive age-related muscle wasting using Killifish - Germany PDF  
Barry Russell, Barry 2017 The Australian Biological Resources Study Churchill Fellowship to undertake a re-evaluation of F.L Castelnau's type-specimens of Australian fishes in the Museum National D'Histoire Naturelle - France PDF  
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