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Fellow Year Project Report
Griffin Longley, Griffin 2018 To explore ways children's unstructured play outdoors is effectively supported in the 'iPad-era' - Netherlands, Norway, Iceland, Finland
Rebecca Lyons, Rebecca 2018 To investigate human relationships to death and ceremony through alternate approaches and technologies - UK, Sweden, Czech Republic, Italy, USA, Mexico
Kate Mahony, Kate 2018 To investigate best practice Sports Science and Sports Medicine (SSSM) care of the female athlete - Japan, South Africa, Qatar, Norway, USA
Janette Maresca, Janette 2018 To identify successful interventions and policies promoting mental health and wellbeing in schools - USA, UK
Katrina Marson, Katrina 2018 The Peter Mitchell Churchill Fellowship to research new, practical and effective methods to prevent sexual violence through youth education - Germany, Netherlands, UK, Ireland, Canada, USA PDF  
Bradford Mashman, Bradford 2018 To investigate innovative European waste reduction models for dissemination in Tasmania - Belgium, Sweden, UK PDF  
Simon Massey, Simon 2018 The Northern Districts Education Centre (Sydney) Churchill Fellowship to transform and streamline strategic capabilities for school infrastructure planning - USA, Sweden
Phil McGilvray, Phil 2018 The Park Family Churchill Fellowship to investigate innovative methods of equipping teenagers with essential financial skills for life - USA, Canada, UK PDF  
Ryan Messer, Ryan 2018 To investigate the use of recycled glass in concrete manufacturing - USA, Canada, Germany, China
Julie Morrison, Julie 2018 To study the use of dogs in court supporting vulnerable victims and witnesses giving evidence - USA, Canada PDF  
Louise Murphy, Louise 2018 To examine peer support programs to reduce mental health issues in emergency service volunteers - USA, Canada, UK
Tessa Neilson, Tessa 2018 To investigate the mental health support resources available to young adult cancer patients - USA PDF  
Emilee Nicolai, Emilee 2018 To investigate agro-tourism opportunities to encourage small farm innovation in isolated areas - France, Italy, UK
Margaret O'Connor, Margaret 2018 The Dr Dorothea Sandars and Irene Lee Churchill Fellowship to investigate palliative care and voluntary assisted dying - Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, USA, Canada PDF  
Richard Murray Owen, Richard Murray 2018 To reduce occupational cancer exposures in firefighters through improved initial decontamination - USA, UK, Sweden PDF  
Manda Page, Manda 2018 To explore, review and document case studies of successful private-public conservation partnerships - USA, Canada, Malawi, Rwanda
Amanda Pagliarino, Amanda 2018 To develop sustainable collection environment guidelines for Australian cultural organisations - USA, Singapore, China PDF  
Andrea Frances Perry-Petersen, Andrea Frances 2018 To increase access to justice with design, multidisciplinary collaboration and digital innovation - Netherlands, Canada, USA
Susan Quinn, Susan 2018 To explore how to protect and empower financially marginalised people in big data laws and practices - USA, UK, Belgium
Emily Ragus, Emily 2018 The National Critical Care and Trauma Response Centre Churchill Fellowship to investigate models for improved aeromedical retrieval standards in international disaster response - USA, Switzerland, Sweden, Israel PDF  
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