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Fellow Year Project Report
Andrew WARNER, Andrew 2001 The Gallaugher Bequest Churchill Fellowship to examine private forestry extension services, particularly relating to wood production and conservation values, to be implemented by private growers in Tasmania - USA PDF  
Timothy ALLEN, Timothy 2000 The Lamington National Park Churchill Fellowship to investigate community stewardship for marine protected areas in temperate climates - New Zealand, USA, Canada PDF  
Stuart ANSTEE, Stuart 2000 To examine what role mining can play in biodiversity conservation - USA, Canada PDF  
Graeme BAXTER, Graeme 2000 To investigate ways in which visitors to national parks can participate in the collection of ecological data - USA, Canada PDF  
Randall BYRAM, Randall 2000 To research the conditions, methods and techniques by which Government and Private Sector establish eco-industrial parks - Denmark, Germany, USA
Michael HARRIS, Michael 2000 The AV Jennings Churchill Fellowship to study energy efficient building design in cold climates - USA, Canada, UK, Sweden, Finland PDF  
Stephen KELLY, Stephen 2000 To study community involvement, participative action models and conflict resolution processes in water resource management - USA
Shane MCGRATH, Shane 2000 To study international practice in dam management - France, Netherlands, Norway, USA, Canada PDF  
Peta SLACK-SMITH, Peta 2000 The Swire Group Churchill Fellowship to investigate the implementation of agricultural environmental management programs with particular reference to the cotton industry - Finland, Netherlands, Belgium PDF  
David SOLLEY, David 2000 To study the upgrading of large wastewater treatment plants for nutrient removal - South Africa, Netherlands, France, Denmark, Canada, USA PDF  
Brooke SUMMERS (Now Lewis), Brooke 2000 The Peter Mitchell Churchill Fellowship to explore community based environmental management to find new and innovative ways to encourage social change through the Landcare movement in Australia - USA, UK PDF  
Judith VAN GELDEREN, Judith 2000 To investigate creative solutions for water conservation and using recycled water - Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Sweden, Israel PDF  
Jennifer WALLACE, Jennifer 2000 To study business incubator facilities and business development programmes - USA, Canada PDF  
Julian ARMSTRONG, Julian 1999 To investigate model forest areas and their certification ' Canada, USA PDF  
Donald COCHRANE, Donald 1999 To investigate the integration of trees and shrubs into farming systems for economic and environmental reasons - South Africa, USA
Ben DYER, Ben 1999 To study and compare the operation of large regulated rivers where water is shared by multiple states/nations - South Africa, USA, Canada PDF  
Sarah LETHBRIDGE, Sarah 1999 The James Love Churchill Fellowship to investigate low cost sewerage schemes for implementation in small and rural communities - U.K., Denmark, Germany, USA, New Zealand
Deborah MILLER, Deborah 1999 To investigate and research the advances of thermal power plant designs and modifications to control and decrease atmospheric emissions and solid wastes - Japan
Jeffrey PATTERSON, Jeffrey 1999 To study dryland salinity control with lucerne, particularly the methods used to regulate ground water over whole catchments - USA PDF  
David REID OAM, David 1999 To research high level community involvement in integrated catchment management - U.K., Germany, Canada, USA
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