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Fellow Year Project Report
Deborah MILLER, Deborah 1999 To investigate and research the advances of thermal power plant designs and modifications to control and decrease atmospheric emissions and solid wastes - Japan
Jeffrey PATTERSON, Jeffrey 1999 To study dryland salinity control with lucerne, particularly the methods used to regulate ground water over whole catchments - USA PDF  
David REID OAM, David 1999 To research high level community involvement in integrated catchment management - U.K., Germany, Canada, USA
Brian TRENCH, Brian 1999 To investigate the administration and operation of the LEAF programme (Linking the Environment And Farming) - U.K.
Catherine WOOLCOCK, Catherine 1999 The A.V. Jennings Churchill Fellowship to study ecological and "healthy" buildings, in particular the effect of the built environment design on indoor air quality - New Zealand, USA, Norway, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands PDF  
Ian CAMERON, Ian 1998 To study the design and operation of biological iron and manganese removal water treatment plants - France, Germany, UK
Rebecca KNOL, Rebecca 1998 To study the environmental aspects of mine closure to achieve a balance between resource development and conservation - USA, South Africa
Robert NIVEN, Robert 1998 To investigate the latest methods of rejuvenating contaminated soil - Canada, UK, Japan PDF  
Bruce TURNER, Bruce 1998 To investigate the management of public disputes, particularly those associated with land or resources - USA, Canada, UK
Felicity WADE, Felicity 1998 To study key environmental organisations and campaigners - USA
Phil WATSON, Phil 1998 To investigate ways to organise and train conservation volunteers - UK, USA, Norway, Denmark, China
John AMPRIMO, John 1997 To study stream rehabilitation - Canada, USA
Trevor BUTCHER, Trevor 1997 To study tree breeding programmes of Pinus Pinaster - Portugal, South Africa, France, UK, Morocco, Spain, USA, Italy PDF  
Anne COCHRANE, Anne 1997 To improve knowledge of the conservation of native flora - UK, USA
Maxwell FEHRING AM, Maxwell 1997 To study drainage/effluent disposal and water sharing between agriculture, urban and city communities - USA, Canada, Israel, Netherlands PDF  
Lachlan FISHER, Lachlan 1997 The Sir Ronald Brierley Churchill Fellowship to research the propagation, growing and processing of cricket bat willow - UK, India
Philip GREEN, Philip 1997 To study new trends, concepts and mediums in environmental education - USA, Honduras
Andrew HALFORD, Andrew 1997 To assess ways in which coral reef monitoring can add to reef conservation - Sri Lanka, Maldives, Seychelles, Tanzania, Kenya
Stuart ORD, Stuart 1997 To investigate urban park management - Canada, USA PDF  
Matthew QUINN, Matthew 1997 To investigate private and public composting operations - USA
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