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Fellow Year Project Report
Jim GRANT, Jim 2002 To investigate structures, systems, programmes and courses that produce or enhance Environmental Leadership - U.K., Netherlands, Frankfurt, Switzerland PDF  
Lorraine HAMMOND AM, Lorraine 2002 To investigate and evaluate the suitability of educational programmes and professional services provided to support individuals with dyslexia, their families and teachers by non-profit organisations - U.K., USA, Canada (Partially sponsored by Department of Education) PDF  
Maree JAMIESON, Maree 2002 To visit a variety of agricultural centres and exhibitions to determine how different groups deliver programmes to school children and the general public - U.K., Canada, USA PDF  
Melissa KENNEDY, Melissa 2002 To investigate how information and communications technology is being integrated into the secondary school curriculum - U.K., Ireland PDF  
Ian McKAY, Ian 2002 The James Love Churchill Fellowship to explore the conceptual structure of a future school and the role of a Principal in an online environment with emphasis on the potential social impact of online learning communities in rural and remote areas - USA, Ca PDF  
Karen MOLHUYSEN, Karen 2002 To examine the relationship between school based sexuality education and adolescent sexual behaviour, in particular adolescent pregnancy and safe sex practices - U.K., Ireland, Sweden, Netherlands PDF  
Margaret OWENS, Margaret 2002 To research theory and practices associated with the development of centres of excellence for early childhood education and care involving families, children and the community to improve outcomes for children's behaviour, learning and health in later life PDF  
Nehama PATKIN OAM, Nehama 2002 To access organisations which provide high quality educational orchestral programmes for children - USA PDF  
David PATTERSON, David 2002 The Northern Districts Education Centre (Sydney) Churchill Fellowship to study and observe the provision and operation of advanced placement programmes which cater for the needs of gifted and talented students in the senior years of schooling - USA PDF  
Jordan RACE, Jordan 2002 To ascertain how information and communications technology is used in delivering education - Singapore
Gregory USSHER, Gregory 2002 To study contemporary sexual health education for general practitioners, particularly the efficacy of distance, web based, guided tutorial and DVD as models of education - U.K., USA PDF  
Paul WOODHEAD, Paul 2002 To study in-school circus programmes with emphasis on management and teaching practices, and efficacy of the visited programmes in terms of student welfare, performance and physical education opportunities - USA, U.K. PDF  
Michelle ANDERSON, Michelle 2002 To investigate the promotion of a stronger interface between health and education for children and young people with health and associated needs - U.K., Canada PDF  
Penny CAVANAGH, Penny 2002 To investigate innovative resources and educational programmes developed by other Parliaments - U.K., USA PDF  
Susan DAVIS, Susan 2002 The Northern Districts Education Centre (Sydney) Churchill Fellowship to study and evaluate the "son-rise" approach to teaching children with autism and other disabilities - USA PDF  
Hillary EPTON, Hillary 2002 To assess current implementation of Assistive Technology practices used in literacy and numeracy education for students with disabilities - USA, Canada, U.K. PDF  
Alan FORD, Alan 2002 To develop an educational programme to help students understand the principles involved in sustainable living - U.K. PDF  
Diane GARDINER AM, Diane 2002 To study the formulation, structure and implementation of public education and interpretation programmes in prison, police and magisterial sites - USA, U.K., Finland PDF  
Edwina JANS, Edwina 2002 To assess museum education services and intellectual access for audiences with specific needs - USA, U.K. PDF  
Jo-Anne JONES, Jo-Anne 2002 To visit and observe isolated small schools that have created successful programmes bridging the gap between rural and city life - USA, UK, Canada PDF  
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