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Fellow Year Project Report
Angela Ryan, Angela 2017 To investigate methods for preventing patient harm through national digital health safety governance - UK, Canada, USA PDF  
Olivia Samec, Olivia 2017 The Department for Child Protection and Family Support Churchill Fellowship to investigate innovative initiatives to improve literacy and well-being of children in state care - UK, Italy, Austria, USA
Rachel Scott, Rachel 2017 The Peter Mitchell Churchill Fellowship to bring international Reliability Engineering best practice to Australian Defence and industry - Singapore, Japan, Germany, UK PDF  
Rebecca Sng, Rebecca 2017 To investigate international programs supporting parenting following family and domestic violence - USA, UK PDF  
Dean Stevenson, Dean 2017 To better understand composers living and working from islands or isolated cities - Iceland, USA, New Zealand PDF  
Garry Stewart, Garry 2017 To study the structure and function of choreographic centres in various international locations - India, France, Netherlands, UK, USA, Canada PDF  
Ebru Sumaktas, Ebru 2017 To examine successful programs for the employment of people with disability in the open labour market - UK, Germany, USA PDF  
Catherine Swetenham, Catherine 2017 To successfully implement an End of Life care strategy for South Australia - UK, Ireland, Canada PDF  
Julia Symons, Julia 2017 To investigate elite sports environments that enable culturally diverse women to thrive - New Zealand, USA, UK PDF  
Paul Tunzi, Paul 2017 To investigate advanced conservation techniques and the maintenance of historical keyboard instruments - UK, France, Czech Republic, Austria, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium PDF  
Greg Turner, Greg 2017 To gain knowledge to further support the mental health of refugees settling in Australia - USA, Canada, Sweden, Germany, Denmark, UK PDF  
Scott Turner, Scott 2017 To research air traffic procedures leading to airspace redesign at major Australian airports - Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Netherlands, UK, USA, Canada PDF  
Nicholas Verso, Nicholas 2017 To learn the process of leading television showrunners - USA, UK PDF  
Deborah Wace, Deborah 2017 To develop artwork/fabric design from European botanical collections of French expeditions to Tasmania - UK, France, Italy PDF  
Leigh Waddell, Leigh 2017 To learn the latest genomic analytical tools for genetic diagnosis of rare neuromuscular disorders - USA PDF  
Natalie Walker, Natalie 2017 To explore peer support as a trauma-informed response to families of online child sex offenders - USA, New Zealand PDF  
Deborah West, Deborah 2017 To explore aphasia therapies which optimise communication from hospital to home post stroke - USA, Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Portugal PDF  
Barbara Whitlock, Barbara 2017 To adapt foreign GP clinical data collections to improve patient care, workforce wellbeing and cost - USA, Canada, UK PDF  
Lara Wieland, Lara 2017 The Bob and June Prickett Churchill Fellowship to learn and apply lessons on how to recruit, retain and care for health professionals in rural health - Canada PDF  
Anthea Williams, Anthea 2017 To research the best play, writer and audience development models in English speaking theatres - USA, Canada, UK
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