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Fellow Year Project Report
Susan Quinn, Susan 2018 To explore how to protect and empower financially marginalised people in big data laws and practices - USA, UK, Belgium
Emily Ragus, Emily 2018 The National Critical Care and Trauma Response Centre Churchill Fellowship to investigate models for improved aeromedical retrieval standards in international disaster response - USA, Switzerland, Sweden, Israel PDF  
Jacqueline Reid, Jacqueline 2018 To investigate how therapeutic intervention for mental health and well-being can be integrated in schools - UK, Finland, USA, Canada
Zoe Richards, Zoe 2018 The Australian Biological Resources Study Churchill Fellowship to learn the necessary skills to advance coral biosystematics using a total evidence approach - USA, Japan
Angela Rintoul, Angela 2018 To investigate international lessons for public health policy and improved regulation of gambling - UK, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland PDF  
Jessica Rogers, Jessica 2018 To explore language acquisition methodologies for research with diverse and Indigenous students - USA, Finland, Norway PDF  
Coral Ross, Coral 2018 To improve gender equality in local government by increasing the number of elected women councillors - USA, Canada, UK, Sweden, Germany
Geoffrey Rowe, Geoffrey 2018 The Paul Tys Churchill Fellowship to access world's best practice in preventing and responding to Elder Abuse in aged care and the community - UK, Canada, USA, New Zealand PDF  
Jennifer Roy, Jennifer 2018 The Dr Lena Elizabeth McEwan and Dame Joyce Daws Churchill Fellowship to learn new techniques in the field of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery - USA PDF  
Robert Siemsen, Robert 2018 To study and further my understanding in the craft of traditional Coachbuilding - UK PDF  
Andrew Simpson, Andrew 2018 The Bob and June Prickett Churchill Fellowship to gain knowledge of glass mold making for art, craft and industrial production - Japan, Mexico, Sweden, Finland PDF  
Simone Slattery, Simone 2018 The Dame Roma Mitchell Churchill Fellowship to develop new specialised skills in historical violin performance as both performer and educator - Italy, Switzerland, France, Germany, Netherlands, UK PDF  
Stuart Smith, Stuart 2018 To identify leading global practice in offshore renewable regulation for adoption in Australia - UK, France, Belgium, Germany, Denmark PDF  
Louise Southalan, Louise 2018 To identify strategies for national agencies to improve state prison mental health systems and services - UK, Italy, Canada, USA PDF  
Maida Stewart, Maida 2018 The Bob and June Prickett Churchill Fellowship to examine healthy housing initiatives in the primary prevention of Acute Rheumatic Fever - New Zealand
Debra Swann, Debra 2018 To research Services for Deaf Survivors around the world and to incorporate it in Australia - USA, UK, France
Kelly Marie Thompson, Kelly Marie 2018 To examine care frameworks, stay duration and transition plans for children requiring Secure Care - New Zealand, UK, Ireland, Sweden PDF  
Daniel Tobin, Daniel 2018 To research benchmark public art to enable Australian artists to deliver best practice outcomes - USA, UK
Gregory Toman, Gregory 2018 To enhance overall safety to both rescuers and those requiring rescue in remote rescue situations - Canada, USA, UK, Austria, Italy, France PDF  
Samantha Turner, Samantha 2018 To determine tangible initiatives and strategies to improve Culturally Diverse Leadership in Australia - USA, UK
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