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Fellow Year Project Report
Jordan RACE, Jordan 2002 To ascertain how information and communications technology is used in delivering education - Singapore
Gregory USSHER, Gregory 2002 To study contemporary sexual health education for general practitioners, particularly the efficacy of distance, web based, guided tutorial and DVD as models of education - U.K., USA PDF  
Paul WOODHEAD, Paul 2002 To study in-school circus programmes with emphasis on management and teaching practices, and efficacy of the visited programmes in terms of student welfare, performance and physical education opportunities - USA, U.K. PDF  
Michelle ANDERSON, Michelle 2002 To investigate the promotion of a stronger interface between health and education for children and young people with health and associated needs - U.K., Canada PDF  
Penny CAVANAGH, Penny 2002 To investigate innovative resources and educational programmes developed by other Parliaments - U.K., USA PDF  
Susan DAVIS, Susan 2002 The Northern Districts Education Centre (Sydney) Churchill Fellowship to study and evaluate the "son-rise" approach to teaching children with autism and other disabilities - USA PDF  
Hillary EPTON, Hillary 2002 To assess current implementation of Assistive Technology practices used in literacy and numeracy education for students with disabilities - USA, Canada, U.K. PDF  
Alan FORD, Alan 2002 To develop an educational programme to help students understand the principles involved in sustainable living - U.K. PDF  
Diane GARDINER AM, Diane 2002 To study the formulation, structure and implementation of public education and interpretation programmes in prison, police and magisterial sites - USA, U.K., Finland PDF  
Edwina JANS, Edwina 2002 To assess museum education services and intellectual access for audiences with specific needs - USA, U.K. PDF  
Jo-Anne JONES, Jo-Anne 2002 To visit and observe isolated small schools that have created successful programmes bridging the gap between rural and city life - USA, UK, Canada PDF  
Thelma PERSO, Thelma 2002 The WA Churchill Fellows' Association Churchill Fellowship to investigate Indigenous education programmes in the areas of mathematics and numeracy - Canada, New Zealand PDF  
Julie REES, Julie 2002 To promote and investigate strategies to develop the literacy skills of deaf students within a bilingual (Auslan/English) P - 12 educational setting - USA PDF  
Ian WILSON, Ian 2002 To gain awareness of programmes supporting youth at risk through school and community collaboration - USA, U.K., South Africa PDF  
Catherine BELL, Catherine 2001 To investigate drug education curriculum models, drug related student welfare practices, peer education and intersectorial collaborative approaches to drug education - UK PDF  
Suzanne COOPER, Suzanne 2001 To study programmes and practices for Indigenous and/or gifted students - USA, Canada
Brok GLENN, Brok 2001 To examine the implications of government and non-government funding of universities - USA, UK, Italy, France, Hong Kong
Peter HAYES, Peter 2001 To investigate "Service Learning" (Learning through Community Service) programmes for implementation in Australian secondary schools - USA PDF  
Linda HOUSTON, Linda 2001 To investigate programmes that are providing quality outcomes with a preventative intervention focus for children with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) - USA PDF  
Kathleen KIRBY, Kathleen 2001 To forge alliances and investigate strategies to support the study of Asian cultures in countries with similar education structures and needs to Australia - Korea, Japan, USA, Canada, UK PDF  
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