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Fellow Year Project Report
Jo-Anne JONES, Jo-Anne 2002 To visit and observe isolated small schools that have created successful programmes bridging the gap between rural and city life - USA, UK, Canada PDF  
Thelma PERSO, Thelma 2002 The WA Churchill Fellows' Association Churchill Fellowship to investigate Indigenous education programmes in the areas of mathematics and numeracy - Canada, New Zealand PDF  
Julie REES, Julie 2002 To promote and investigate strategies to develop the literacy skills of deaf students within a bilingual (Auslan/English) P - 12 educational setting - USA PDF  
Ian WILSON, Ian 2002 To gain awareness of programmes supporting youth at risk through school and community collaboration - USA, U.K., South Africa PDF  
Catherine BELL, Catherine 2001 To investigate drug education curriculum models, drug related student welfare practices, peer education and intersectorial collaborative approaches to drug education - UK PDF  
Suzanne COOPER, Suzanne 2001 To study programmes and practices for Indigenous and/or gifted students - USA, Canada
Brok GLENN, Brok 2001 To examine the implications of government and non-government funding of universities - USA, UK, Italy, France, Hong Kong
Peter HAYES, Peter 2001 To investigate "Service Learning" (Learning through Community Service) programmes for implementation in Australian secondary schools - USA PDF  
Linda HOUSTON, Linda 2001 To investigate programmes that are providing quality outcomes with a preventative intervention focus for children with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) - USA PDF  
Kathleen KIRBY, Kathleen 2001 To forge alliances and investigate strategies to support the study of Asian cultures in countries with similar education structures and needs to Australia - Korea, Japan, USA, Canada, UK PDF  
William LOW, William 2001 The Northern Districts Education Centre (Sydney) Churchill Fellowship to research key issues for the further development of mentoring programmes for students at risk, particularly selection and recruitment of mentors, training programmes and the creation PDF  
Rosemary NAUGHTON, Rosemary 2001 To research and report on information communication technology initiatives of government/industry/education/community partnerships that are designed to improve social and educational outcomes for young people - USA, UK, Norway, Germany, Belgium PDF  
Judith RIDGE, Judith 2001 To study innovations in literacy, literature and writing programmes for children and adolescents in community and educational institutions - USA, Ireland, UK PDF  
Mike ROACH, Mike 2001 To investigate new, innovative materials and educational programmes developed by NASA with the aid of science teachers to stimulate students using their natural interest in science and astronomy - USA PDF  
Meaghan ROWE, Meaghan 2001 To assess innovative youth schemes such as the YMCA prevention through recreation youth development and education program - USA PDF  
Graham WOOD, Graham 2001 The Monash University Churchill Fellowship to study the role of government in the establishment, accreditation and quality assurance of universities - UK, USA, Netherlands, New Zealand PDF  
Ratma ANTHONEY, Ratma 2000 To investigate Modern Applied Technology and Enterprise teaching techniques - Australia PDF  
Michele BRUNIGES, Michele 2000 The Northern Districts Education Centre (Sydney) Churchill Fellowship to investigate ways to monitor, analyse and report progress in student achievement - Netherlands, USA, Canada, Denmark, Hong Kong PDF  
Lynn CHRISTIE, Lynn 2000 The Family and Children's Services WA Churchill Fellowship to study the education of young children - New Zealand, USA, UK PDF  
Nancy DEVLIN, Nancy 2000 To study educational support programs for students of secondary age with significant disabilities in mainstream high schools and to visit support programs for students with special needs or giftedness in remote indigenous communities in North America and Wales. PDF  
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