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Fellow Year Project Report
Felicity Zempilas, Felicity 2017 To achieve best practice in the Western Australian Mental Health Court - USA PDF  
Caitlin Weston, Caitlin 2016 To explore strategies that improve doctors' wellbeing, optimising their mental health and productivity - USA, Canada, Belgium PDF  
Lainie Anderson, Lainie 2016 To research the story of how pioneering South Australians won the 1919 Britain-Australia Air Race - USA, UK, France, Italy, Greece, India, Myanmar, Thailand PDF  
Johanna Bell, Johanna 2016 To investigate methods that use personal storytelling to empower participants and strengthen communities - USA
Jennifer Beveridge, Jennifer 2016 To explore how innovation and collaboration can improve outcomes for people with eating disorders - Canada, USA, UK PDF  
Ben Bjarnesen, Ben 2016 To enhance police response to LGBTI domestic violence - UK, Netherlands, Canada, USA PDF  
Lauren Black, Lauren 2016 To investigate how art stimulates engagement with medical, botanical and historical collections - UK, France, Italy PDF  
Lauren Booker, Lauren 2016 To identify two un-repatriated human remains and index overseas archived Indigenous cultural material - UK, USA PDF  
Paul Boys, Paul 2016 To evaluate international models for the facilitation of trades based learning in a secondary school environment - Canada, USA PDF  
Zack Bryers, Zack 2016 The Paul Tys Churchill Fellowship to investigate the "Cure Violence" approach to reducing violence within at risk communities - USA, Brazil PDF  
Julie Buxton, Julie 2016 To explore truth and reconciliation models to acknowledge cultural rights of Indigenous Australians - South Africa, UK, USA, Canada, Sweden PDF  
Lindy Cayzer, Lindy 2016 The Australian Biological Resources Study Churchill Fellowship to unlock critical taxonomic information on the Pittosporaceae in overseas herbaria - Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Netherlands, France, UK PDF  
Caine Chennatt, Caine 2016 To investigate inclusion and access programs for people with disabilities to engage with the arts - South Korea, Japan, USA
Jessica Cocks, Jessica 2016 To research innovative parent /family inclusion and partnership approaches in child welfare - USA, Canada, Norway, UK PDF  
Kate Cole, Kate 2016 To investigate best practice to prevent illness and disease in tunnel construction workers - Norway, Switzerland, UK, USA PDF  
Belinda Cook, Belinda 2016 To research the growing global Indigenous fashion industry to support a Kimberley textile industry - USA, South Africa, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore PDF  
Jennifer Cottrell, Jennifer 2016 The Sir William Kilpatrick Churchill Fellowship to explore innovative rheumatic heart disease prevention strategies and apply them to Australia - New Zealand, Spain, South Africa, Kenya PDF  
Toni Craig, Toni 2016 To Identify world class strategies to improve outcomes for children at risk of offending - Finland, Sweden, Denmark, UK, Canada PDF  
Donna Cross, Donna 2016 The Nancy Fairfax Churchill Fellowship to enhance school and family awareness of young children's developmental needs in online environments - USA PDF  
Jason Cummings, Jason 2016 To explore innovative conservation Trust business models, partnerships, policy settings and community drivers to facilitate the adoption and tailoring of arrangements in Australia - UK PDF  
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