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Fellow Year Project Report
Avril KEELY, Avril 2000 To investigate curriculum design and delivery of theological education to lay people - UK, France
Ian LILLICO, Ian 2000 To study policies, practices and programmes designed to improve boys learning and behavioural outcomes - UK, Netherlands, Germany, USA
Stephen MEREDITH, Stephen 2000 To investigate the organisation of displays, events, educational and interpretive programmes in botanic gardens - UK, France, Germany PDF  
Catherine O'SULLIVAN, Catherine 2000 To investigate strategies and processes for developing vocational education associated enterprise partnerships within rural school communites - USA, Canada, Sweden, Finland, UK PDF  
Libby (Elizabeth) PETERSON, Libby (Elizabeth) 2000 To study high school peer counselling programmes as effective interventions for supporting troubled and victimised youth - Canada, UK, Norway, Sweden PDF  
David PRICE, David 2000 To investigate the applicability of the Rural Challenge Programm (RCP) to WA - USA. Partially sponsored by WA Department of Education and Services
Paul STOLZ, Paul 2000 To investigate adventure and wilderness therapy for adolescents - USA, Canada PDF  
David STRATTON, David 2000 To investigate tertiary level education in contemporary popular music - USA, UK PDF  
Judith TRAVERS, Judith 2000 To undertake an in-depth study of major advances in teaching during the middle years of schooling - USA, Germany, UK
Rachel VANCE, Rachel 2000 The Monash University Churchill Fellowship to investigate copyright management in universities - USA, UK, Netherlands
Clifford DOWNEY, Clifford 1999 To study the application of quality learning principles in schooling - USA, Italy
SANDRA LLOYD, SANDRA 1999 To explore models of schooling which integrate the provision of vocational education into mainstream academic education - Germany, France, U.K., Ireland PDF  
Timothy MOES, Timothy 1999 To study the efficiency and effectiveness of distance education - Canada PDF  
Harriet OLNEY, Harriet 1999 To investigate school programmes which support students with significant social and educational problems without losing sight of academic goals - USA, Canada, U.K.
Leith SHARP, Leith 1999 The Monash University Churchill Fellowship to investigate campus environmental management curriculum - U.K., USA, Canada
Norma SMITH, Norma 1999 The Northern Districts Education Centre (Sydney) Churchill Fellowship to study co-operative ventures among senior high schools, TAFE colleges and universities - USA, Canada
Jill VINES (Now Clements), Jill 1999 The WA Churchill Fellows' Association Churchill Fellowship to investigate training for teachers of religious education in Government schools - U.K. PDF  
Richard LAIDLAW, Richard 1998 To investigate ways to improve vocational education - USA, Germany, Sweden PDF  
John MILES, John 1998 To investigate the management of educational foundations with emphasis on the rural sector - USA, UK
Gregory PEACH, Gregory 1998 To investigate strategies and structures used to enhance school based management and school effectiveness - USA, Sweden, Denmark, UK PDF  
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