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Fellow Year Project Report
Kenneth PRICE, Kenneth 1998 The ANTA Research Advisory Council Churchill Fellowship to investigate the latest trends in information technology and computer education - USA, Canada PDF  
Ruth THOMPSON, Ruth 1998 The Northern Districts Education Centre (Sydney) Churchill Fellowship to explore ways of understanding and teaching the principles of good design - UK, Germany, Canada
Peter WHITE, Peter 1998 To investigate the use of new communication methods in distance education - Canada, USA
Debra WHITE, Debra 1998 The Elvie Munday Churchill Fellowship to study ways of teaching young students who are blind or visually impaired - USA PDF  
Julie BAKER, Julie 1997 To study the community approach to care and education of young children - Italy, Sweden, Denmark, USA
Carolyn COOPER, Carolyn 1997 To study multidisciplinary management programmes for children with learning disabilities - USA, UK PDF  
Roderick DUNSTAN, Roderick 1997 To study best practice in school and public education in botanic gardens - UK, Germany, USA, Canada PDF  
Loraine GENTLEMAN, Loraine 1997 The Northern Districts Education Centre (Sydney) Churchill Fellowship to study policies and practices in school and parental discipline without the use of violence - Norway, Sweden, Denmark
David GRAY, David 1997 To study vocational education and training of senior high school students - Germany, Denmark PDF  
Philip GREEN, Philip 1997 To study new trends, concepts and mediums in environmental education - USA, Honduras
Sylvia KOLARIK, Sylvia 1997 To investigate the structures and programs offered in world renowned specialist schools for gifted students in the performing arts - UK, USA
Julia McCOSKER, Julia 1997 To investigate the provision and management of adult and community education programmes amongst First Nations people - Canada
Philip PAIOFF, Philip 1997 To investigate the processes employed by education systems/schools in appraising the performance of teaching staff - UK, Canada PDF  
Mark STRANEY, Mark 1997 The ANTA Research Advisory Council Churchill Fellowship to investigate and compare the models, approaches and experiences of careers education programmes - New Zealand, USA, Canada, UK PDF  
David CURD, David 1996 To investigate school and community health and drug education programmes - USA, UK, Malaysia
Robert DIXON, Robert 1996 To study the provision of innovative educational and vocational programmes for juveniles in detention - USA, Canada, UK,
Sandra GUEST, Sandra 1996 To learn the latest concepts in quality management - USA, Canada PDF  
Bella IRLICHT, Bella 1996 To investigate the organisation of full-service schools - USA
Louella McCARTHY, Louella 1996 To investigate the teaching of local and community history - UK
Kathleen O'DWYER, Kathleen 1996 The Percy Baxter Churchill Fellowship to investigate education programmes in schools with students from many different ethnic backgrounds - USA, Canada, UK
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