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Fellow Year Project Report
Peter Havrlant, Peter 2016 The Jack Green Churchill Fellowship to identify production systems and carcass specifications to maximise value of male dairy calves - USA, UK, Ireland, Netherlands, New Zealand
Beck Hefferon, Beck 2016 To investigate the application of physiotherapy to improve rehabilitation, quality of life and patient care after amputation - USA, Sweden, Germany, UK PDF  
Adam James, Adam 2016 To study both age old and key new techniques in vegetable and legume fermentation - Denmark, Italy, China, Korea, Japan PDF  
Avisa Jamshidi, Avisa 2016 The Donald Mackay Churchill Fellowship to improve the legislative framework within which money laundering matters are prosecuted - Italy, France, UK, Ireland, Austria, Netherlands, Switzerland PDF  
Melanie Jansen, Melanie 2016 To enrich and inform development of paediatric clinical ethics services in Australia - Italy, UK, Canada, USA PDF  
Michelle Johnston, Michelle 2016 To expand the understanding of marine reptile fossils of Queensland and enhance outback palaeotourism - Germany, UK, Canada, USA, Colombia, Ecuador PDF  
Kylie Johnston, Kylie 2016 To learn new methods to manage chronic breathlessness using non-drug interventions - UK, Italy, Canada PDF  
Cathryn Josif, Cathryn 2016 The Bob and June Prickett Churchill Fellowship to improve dementia services for remote dwelling Aboriginal people - New Zealand, USA, Canada PDF  
Louise Kelly, Louise 2016 To research initiatives for reducing recidivism of (ex)offenders through supported reintegration and rehabilitation - Singapore, Scotland, Canada, USA PDF  
Taryn Lane, Taryn 2016 To transition regional Australian towns to 100% renewable energy by learning from European examples - Germany, Denmark, Austria, Sweden, UK PDF  
Melissa Latter, Melissa 2016 To establish a premier training and manufacturing site in translational radiopharmaceutical science - UK, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Finland PDF  
Bryan Leaw, Bryan 2016 The Dr Dorothea Sandars Churchill Fellowship to ascertain if amnion cells be used as a treatment for cerebral palsy - USA PDF  
Jed Long, Jed 2016 The AV Jennings Churchill Fellowship to research bamboo construction and treatment methods to develop Australia's bamboo industry - Indonesia, Colombia, Netherlands PDF  
Deanna Lush, Deanna 2016 To investigate communication, education and engagement methods to improve understanding of agriculture - Canada, USA, UK PDF  
Cameron Matthews, Cameron 2016 To research and develop improved sustainability practices for high end restaurants and food outlets - Spain, USA, Denmark, UK PDF  
Carly McDermott, Carly 2016 To explore animal therapeutics in the rehabilitation of youth in the juvenile justice system - Germany, UK, USA PDF  
Kip Mcintyre, Kip 2016 The James Love Churchill Fellowship to research and master the rare craft of traditional restoration in coach-building and panel beating - Italy, UK, USA
Timothy McLennan, Timothy 2016 To improve independence and access for people with a disability using innovative Assistive Technology - USA, Canada, UK, Sweden, Switzerland PDF  
Fergus McTaggart, Fergus 2016 To evaluate initiatives to maintain family and cultural connections in Indigenous child protection cases - New Zealand, USA, Canada, Denmark
Brian Moir, Brian 2016 To ensure security guards possess the competencies to respond to violent and anti-social behaviour - USA, UK, France, Germany, Italy
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