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Fellow Year Project Report
Philip GREEN, Philip 1997 To study new trends, concepts and mediums in environmental education - USA, Honduras
Sylvia KOLARIK, Sylvia 1997 To investigate the structures and programs offered in world renowned specialist schools for gifted students in the performing arts - UK, USA
Julia McCOSKER, Julia 1997 To investigate the provision and management of adult and community education programmes amongst First Nations people - Canada
Philip PAIOFF, Philip 1997 To investigate the processes employed by education systems/schools in appraising the performance of teaching staff - UK, Canada PDF  
Mark STRANEY, Mark 1997 The ANTA Research Advisory Council Churchill Fellowship to investigate and compare the models, approaches and experiences of careers education programmes - New Zealand, USA, Canada, UK PDF  
David CURD, David 1996 To investigate school and community health and drug education programmes - USA, UK, Malaysia
Robert DIXON, Robert 1996 To study the provision of innovative educational and vocational programmes for juveniles in detention - USA, Canada, UK,
Sandra GUEST, Sandra 1996 To learn the latest concepts in quality management - USA, Canada PDF  
Bella IRLICHT, Bella 1996 To investigate the organisation of full-service schools - USA
Louella McCARTHY, Louella 1996 To investigate the teaching of local and community history - UK
Kathleen O'DWYER, Kathleen 1996 The Percy Baxter Churchill Fellowship to investigate education programmes in schools with students from many different ethnic backgrounds - USA, Canada, UK
Jayne SIMPSON, Jayne 1996 The Bob and June Prickett Churchill Fellowship to study speech, language and educational programmes for children with impaired hearing - Canada, USA PDF  
Tim MACNAUGHT, Tim 1995 To visit major centres for ethical and religious education and learn the lessons of the new national curriculum - UK, Hong Kong, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, USA PDF  
Ninh NGUYEN, Ninh 1995 To establish links between professional translation organisations and teaching institutes in Vietnam and Australia - Vietnam
Heather WILLIAMS, Heather 1995 To study the integration of autistic children into regular schools, the effects of this on the family and to research courses available to teachers of autistic children - Singapore, UK, South Africa
Phillip ALLAN, Phillip 1994 To investigate the exhibitions and programmes of key science centres - USA, Canada, UK
Anthoney BROWN, Anthoney 1994 To research the implications and changes arising from the reform of adult vocational community education - Germany, UK
Ingrid VAN DYK, Ingrid 1994 To investigate and assess how creativity is being dealt with by other educational institutions embracing a competency based format of curriculum design to arts related areas - UK, Netherlands, USA
Jo COMANS, Jo 1993 To investigate family day care systems - Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, UK
Jeannette HARRISON, Jeannette 1993 To explore ways in which early childhood centres can respond to changing societal needs and deliver relevant family support programmes - USA
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