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Fellow Year Project Report
Timothy Day, Timothy 2018 To examine the operating models of international homicide squads to build our national capability - China, Germany, UK, USA, Canada
Thea Deakin-Greenwood, Thea 2018 To explore victim-centred restorative justice programs for sexual assault and personal violence - USA, Canada, UK, Netherlands, Denmark, New Zealand
Mark Dobson, Mark 2018 To investigate how organisations can provide purpose and reintegration opportunities for veterans - USA
Paul Dore, Paul 2018 To develop a systemic approach to juror support programs in Australia - Canada, USA, UK PDF  
Julie Dunbabin, Julie 2018 The Elvie Munday Churchill Fellowship to investigate factors that enable school lunch programs to impact positively on student health and wellbeing - UK, Netherlands, France, Finland, USA, Japan
Zoe Eather, Zoe 2018 To accelerate the integration of "Smart Mobility" to enable more liveable Australian communities - USA, Canada, Mexico, South Korea, Netherlands, Spain, UK, South Africa PDF  
Laura Egan, Laura 2018 To investigate the use of venture philanthropy to grow enterprises that foster economic inclusion - USA, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland
Ruari Elkington, Ruari 2018 To investigate new initiatives connecting student and online video creators in collaborative work - USA, UK
Andrew Emery, Andrew 2018 To review successful service models of firefighters providing emergency medical care to the community - Ireland, Canada, USA PDF  
Kerryn Ernst PSM, Kerryn 2018 To develop a model of care for nursing patients in Australia with a diagnosis of breast cancer - USA, Canada PDF  
Suzanne Evans, Suzanne 2018 To invigorate the endangered Norfolk Island language through a pre school 'language nest' approach - New Zealand, USA, Canada, Finland
Samantha Evans, Samantha 2018 To investigate how shared equity can become a mainstream solution to housing affordability in Australia - UK, USA PDF  
Thomas Forrest, Thomas 2018 To enhance the standard of medical cannabis cultivation in Australian licensed facilities - Canada, Netherlands, Spain, Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Denmark, Israel PDF  
Ganga Fraser, Ganga 2018 The Gallaugher Bequest Churchill Fellowship to develop effective interventions that improve literacy and numeracy outcomes in Tasmanian schools - UK, Finland, USA, Canada
Meredith Frearson, Meredith 2018 To improve women's sexual and reproductive health by optimising Intrauterine Device (IUD) usage - Sweden, UK, USA
Emilia Galatis, Emilia 2018 To explore viable international commercial opportunities for the growth of WA Aboriginal artist careers - USA, UK, United Arab Emirates, China
Jano Gibson, Jano 2018 To explore the use of virtual reality, augmented reality and 360-degree videos in journalism - USA, UK, France, Switzerland
Janinne Gliddon, Janinne 2018 To undertake consultation with Aboriginal/Indigenous communities on the implementation of a Doula training program for Aboriginal women to provide cultural support to Aboriginal women who are birthing away off country/traditional lands - Canada, USA, New
Mark Goldspink, Mark 2018 To research worldwide practice to inform implementation of Victoria Police Offender Management Project - USA, Canada, UK, Ireland PDF  
Samuel Halliday, Samuel 2018 To investigate variances of international approaches to the regulation of medical cannabis - USA, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Israel PDF  
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