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Fellow Year Project Report
Graeme HOPKINS, Graeme 2005 To study the latest information, technology and projects featuring elements that make up a "bushtop landscape", which recreates particular ecosystems on the tops of buildings and on vertical walls - Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, USA, Canada, Spain PDF  
Peta CHRISTENSEN, Peta 2004 To explore community gardens and related projects focusing on issues of food security and community development within a diversity of cultural groups and low income communities - USA, Canada, Brazil, Denmark PDF  
Paula PAANANEN, Paula 2004 To investigate the use of horticulture as a tool for developing vocational, social and therapeutic benefits for people with disabilities and other disadvantaged groups - USA, Canada, U.K. PDF  
Mark SALTER, Mark 2004 To study the technology used for out-of-season raspberry production, particularly methods using various types of growing medium and nutrient requirements for greenhouse raspberry production - USA, Belgium, U.K. PDF  
Robert DOBBS, Robert 2003 To study sustainable horticultural management methods, horticultural tourism events and sustaining continuous high quality horticultural standards in public open space - U.K., Germany, Netherlands, USA, Canada
Andrew GRANGER, Andrew 2003 To trace the origin of cherries using new DNA based methods and observe the diversity present in wild populations - U.K., Japan PDF  
Joanne SHELDRICK, Joanne 2003 To study growing practices, mechanical harvesting, bulk pickling processes, bulk storage and packaging of Jalapeno Chillies - USA PDF  
Roger BROADLEY, Roger 2002 To study the latest sustainable technology for growing custard apples and the related cherimoya from the world's biggest three producers of these crops, and access germplasm for use in our Australian custard apple breeding programme - South America, Spain PDF  
Stewart DOBSON, Stewart 2002 To study cultural practices and crop manipulation for Redflesh Grapefruit in the dry tropics of Australia - USA, South Africa, Israel PDF  
Peter ELLERMAN, Peter 2002 To work with horticultural staff at some of the world's leading miniature villages - Taiwan, Japan, Canada, U.K., France PDF  
Brian NOONE, Brian 2002 To study how capers are grown, harvested and processed in mediterranean countries - Italy, Spain, Morocco, Cyprus PDF  
Patricia TOOLAN, Patricia 2002 To investigate the preservation and conservation techniques and strategies of old rose and plant varieties in cemeteries - USA, Germany, South Africa PDF  
Jeremy BADGERY-PARKER, Jeremy 2001 To investigate production practices, trends and management approaches in leading international greenhouse industries, in order to better assist the expanding Australian Industry - Israel, UK, Netherlands, Spain PDF  
Peter BIRCH, Peter 2001 To study the latest European pruning and training methods for modern olive growing with special emphasis on tree physiology - Italy PDF  
Ian HUNTER, Ian 2001 To investigate the management of urban public parks and gardens - USA, Canada, UK PDF  
Patrick MURPHY, Patrick 2001 To study all aspects of traditional farm cider house orchard practice, production, equipment, style and tourism - France, UK PDF  
Mark WEBB PSM, Mark 2001 To investigate the role and function of botanic gardens in the development and commercialism of plant material, especially local native plants - South Africa, Canada, UK, USA, Indonesia PDF  
Kate DELAPORTE, Kate 2000 To investigate ways to improve the commercial production and development of Australian plants - France, Italy Spain, Portugal, Morocco, USA
Catherine DREW, Catherine 2000 To study landscape design in relation to horticultural therapy - USA, Canada, UK PDF  
Keith JAFFRAY, Keith 2000 To investigate the global marketplace for Australian native floral products - Taiwan, Japan, USA, Netherlands, Germany
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