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Fellow Year Project Report
Wayne HARTLEY, Wayne 1991 To study the techniques used and the applications of architectural etched and decorated glass - UK, Germany
Lorraine LUCEY, Lorraine 1990 To work with bone china in slip form in order to produce first quality glazed, or parian blank shapes suitable for china painting - UK
Fay GOOD, Fay 1985 To study fine art decoration and painting on porcelain and bone china under a master painter at Stoke-on-Trent - UK
Peter TIMMS, Peter 1984 To study 19th Century ceramics at museums and galleries - UK, France, Germany, Italy
Norman BIRRELL, Norman 1982 To undertake a course in the methods of using glass, in stained glass art, at the Pilchuck School in Seattle, and to visit glass art factories - USA
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