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Fellow Year Project Report
Matthew JONES, Matthew 2004 To identify and document successful models of social enterprise that can be promoted within Australia - U.K., USA PDF  
Kimberly PALMER, Kimberly 2004 To investigate networking and professional development programs for young professionals and entrepreneurs (under the age of 40) - USA, Canada, U.K., Belgium, France PDF  
Kevin SCOTT, Kevin 2004 To examine how leadership development programs attain a high level of people management skills, including supportive leadership, that builds community relations and achieves the organisational outcomes being sought - U.K., USA, Canada, New Zealand, Hong K PDF  
Gregory MELLIS, Gregory 2002 The Rotary Club of Canberra Churchill Fellowship to study the operation of projects designed to develop and support young social entrepreneurs in order to implement a Community Action Centre that will provide a centralised facility for projects whose work PDF  
Renata RINGIN, Renata 2002 To undertake a study of retail civil recovery programmes and legislation - NZ, USA, U.K. PDF  
Stephen McGARRIGLE, Stephen 2002 To undertake a comparative analysis of a range of International Leadership programmes specifically designed for leaders in non-profit settings - USA, Canada, U.K. PDF  
Bernie RIEGLER, Bernie 2002 To research the automotive service industry's cleaner production initiatives and implementation strategies for practical application in Australia via the "Green Stamp Programme" - U.K., Germany, Austria PDF  
Mark SWANN, Mark 2002 To determine and evaluate the different styles of grape sale contracts between wineries and grape growers in the major world wine producing regions - USA, France, Germany, Italy, Spain PDF  
Maria SIMONELLI, Maria 2001 To determine the motivational factors at work for organisations endeavouring to integrate environmental principles into their business objectives - USA, Canada PDF  
Anthony LUPI, Anthony 2000 To study trends in Corporate Community Involvement (CCI) as practiced by major corporations and philanthropic foundations - USA, Canada
Jennifer WALLACE, Jennifer 2000 To study business incubator facilities and business development programmes - USA, Canada PDF  
Catherine MAHONY, Catherine 1999 To train in theoretical and practical aspects of social auditing - Ireland
Ian YOUNG, Ian 1999 To investigate the development of operational performance measurement systems for implementation within small to medium sized manufacturing environments - Japan, USA, U.K.
Anthony PARKES, Anthony 1998 To evaluate European Chamber of Commerce and Industry international trade services and schemes for the development of industry - UK, France, Germany
Tricia SZIROM, Tricia 1997 To investigate the creation of partnerships between commercial and not-for-profit organisations - USA, Canada PDF  
Helen LIPTON, Helen 1996 To study quality assurance procedures at all stages of food production with particular reference to the Australian export market - Germany, Netherlands, France, UK
Henry RANKINE OAM, Henry 1996 To investigate ways to assist Indigenous people to achieve self sufficiency in business ventures - USA, Canada
Phillip BEEKHUIZEN, Phillip 1995 To study private and public institutions which promote labour/management co-operation in individual enterprises - USA, Germany, Japan
Murray MEATON AM, Murray 1994 To study the Canadian mineral royalty system used in five key development provinces - Canada (Supported by the Department of Minerals)
Wendy MORRISON, Wendy 1994 To study Asian consumer requirements, business etiquette and cultural awareness imperatives to win Australia's market share in Asia - Japan, Korea, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia PDF  
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