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Fellow Year Project Report
Jill HANNA, Jill 2004 To examine partnerships between universities and communities (via local government) which enhance the relevance of student learning, utilises research opportunities and builds strong communities - U.K., USA PDF  
David LONG, David 2004 The Monash University Churchill Fellowship to research how services are provided for people with vision disabilities in universities - U.K., Ireland PDF  
Alison TAAFE, Alison 2004 The James Love Churchill Fellowship to assess the Bachelor Degree of Culinary Arts course to facilitate possible implementation of this qualification in Australia - USA PDF  
Stephen LALOR, Stephen 2003 To research the teaching, implementation, development and co-ordination of tertiary contemporary music courses, particularly the new subject area of World (non-Western) music - U.K., Netherlands, Germany, France, Czech Republic, Ukraine PDF  
Sandra STODDART, Sandra 2003 The Monash University Churchill Fellowship to assess rural community projects being undertaken by universities, examine the process of project development and how the communities view the input of the universities - USA, Canada PDF  
Brok GLENN, Brok 2001 To examine the implications of government and non-government funding of universities - USA, UK, Italy, France, Hong Kong
Graham WOOD, Graham 2001 The Monash University Churchill Fellowship to study the role of government in the establishment, accreditation and quality assurance of universities - UK, USA, Netherlands, New Zealand PDF  
Rachel VANCE, Rachel 2000 The Monash University Churchill Fellowship to investigate copyright management in universities - USA, UK, Netherlands
Leith SHARP, Leith 1999 The Monash University Churchill Fellowship to investigate campus environmental management curriculum - U.K., USA, Canada
Norma SMITH, Norma 1999 The Northern Districts Education Centre (Sydney) Churchill Fellowship to study co-operative ventures among senior high schools, TAFE colleges and universities - USA, Canada
Julia McCOSKER, Julia 1997 To investigate the provision and management of adult and community education programmes amongst First Nations people - Canada
Anthoney BROWN, Anthoney 1994 To research the implications and changes arising from the reform of adult vocational community education - Germany, UK
Kris LATONA, Kris 1988 To visit people and institutions which provide education for older people, from recently retired to frail-aged, and to obtain practical details of their schemes and implementation strategies - UK, France, Sweden, USA, Canada
Patrick CIOCCARELLI, Patrick 1985 To study developments in police tertiary education - USA
Kathleen WHITE AM, Kathleen 1984 To investigate the utilisation of volunteers in adult literacy programmes - USA, UK, India, Nepal
Lawrence JACOBS, Lawrence 1976 To study the methods used for training apprentices - UK, Netherlands, Germany, France
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