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Fellow Year Project Report
Charles LOVICK, Charles 2008 To further my knowledge of nature based, heritage and eco tourism - USA, Canada, UK, Morocco, Switzerland, Austria PDF  
Raymond CRANFIELD, Raymond 2007 To study historical lichen collections and community participation in lichen surveys and collections - U.K., Sweden PDF  
Louise GILFEDDER OAM, Louise 2006 To investigate partnership models that encourage farmers to incorporate conservation into farming practices - USA, Canada PDF  
Douglas ROBINSON, Douglas 2006 To study agricultural incentive schemes and associated wildlife conservation programmes - U.K., Ireland PDF  
William GLAMORE, PhD, William 2005 To investigate practices for restoring coastal wetlands - USA, Netherlands, Vietnam, New Zealand PDF  
Kate HASSALL, Kate 2005 To assess models of managing conservation areas (including national parks) that involve partnerships between indigenous groups, government, the private sector and wider community - South Africa, Canada PDF  
Natalie HOLLAND, Natalie 2005 To examine the planning, implementation and stewardship of landscape-scale projects for the conservation of biodiversity - USA PDF  
Andrew HUCKEL, Andrew 2004 To examine incentive schemes used to encourage farmers to adopt land and water conservation activities - USA, U.K., Italy PDF  
Michael ADAMS, Michael 2003 To undertake an analysis of the indigenous peoples' interests and national park issues in theory, policy and practice - Sweden PDF  
Andrew CHIN, Andrew 2003 To investigate the progress of tropical shark research and conservation with emphasis on the social, cultural and economic forces that drive shark over-fishing and how to involve communities in sustainable shark fishing and conservation programs - USA, Singapore, Malaysia PDF  
Glenn WILLMOTT, Glenn 2003 The Lamington National Park Churchill Fellowship to study access facility design within National Parks to include disabled people in natural environment recreation in addition to assessing volunteer management programs - New Zealand, USA PDF  
Melissa JOHNSON, Melissa 2002 To study innovative conservation techniques and strategies for rock art, as well as the sites and landscapes containing them - USA, Portugal, Spain, France PDF  
Carla-Maree ROGERS, Carla-Maree 2002 To examine the involvement of the community in planning for and the management of protected areas -USA, Canada PDF  
Melissa NURSEY-BRAY, Melissa 2001 The James Love Churchill Fellowship to assess the CAMPFIRE model which involves rural communities in conservation and development by returning to them the stewardship of their natural resources making wildlife a valuable resource - South Africa, Namibia, PDF  
Mark SHEAHAN, Mark 2001 To study the system of creating and trading credits for biodiversity between landholders, meeting both conservation and development goals - USA PDF  
Timothy ALLEN, Timothy 2000 The Lamington National Park Churchill Fellowship to investigate community stewardship for marine protected areas in temperate climates - New Zealand, USA, Canada PDF  
Stuart ANSTEE, Stuart 2000 To examine what role mining can play in biodiversity conservation - USA, Canada PDF  
Graeme BAXTER, Graeme 2000 To investigate ways in which visitors to national parks can participate in the collection of ecological data - USA, Canada PDF  
Rebecca KNOL, Rebecca 1998 To study the environmental aspects of mine closure to achieve a balance between resource development and conservation - USA, South Africa
Phil WATSON, Phil 1998 To investigate ways to organise and train conservation volunteers - UK, USA, Norway, Denmark, China
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