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Fellow Year Project Report
Anthony ROUT, Anthony 1989 To study pine tree breeding and methods of managing seed orchards to produce seed for plantations in South Australia - USA, New Zealand
Ronald WATKINS, Ronald 1988 To survey water use management and agroforestry expertise outside Australia to determine its application to Western Australia, with particular reference to the further development of integrated whole farm/whole landscape system planning - USA, UK, Netherl
Bruce COOMBER, Bruce 1985 To study forestry economics - UK, USA, Canada PDF  
Doug BOLAND, Doug 1983 To study developments in seed handling and nursery and establishment techniques in the cultivation of Australian tree species (mainly eucalypts) in plantations - South Africa, Spain, Brazil PDF  
Alexandre KRILOV, Alexandre 1980 To study softwood and hardwood production systems suitable for more efficient conversion of fast grown small dimensional Australian timber - USA, UK, Sweden, Belgium, France, Germany, Yugoslavia
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