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Fellow Year Project Report
John HEPBURN, John 2002 To research successful approaches in establishing environmental enterprises that generate local employment and contribute to community development - USA, U.K. PDF  
Carolyn PAPPIN, Carolyn 2002 To undertake a study of advanced cartographic (map making) design and production techniques, with an emphasis on visual perception, imagery design and 3D illustrative mapping - U.K. PDF  
Ian TURNER, Ian 2002 To study developments in the practical applications of coastal imaging technology for coastal management - USA, U.K., Netherlands PDF  
Peta SLACK-SMITH, Peta 2000 The Swire Group Churchill Fellowship to investigate the implementation of agricultural environmental management programs with particular reference to the cotton industry - Finland, Netherlands, Belgium PDF  
Brooke SUMMERS (Now Lewis), Brooke 2000 The Peter Mitchell Churchill Fellowship to explore community based environmental management to find new and innovative ways to encourage social change through the Landcare movement in Australia - USA, UK PDF  
Jennifer WALLACE, Jennifer 2000 To study business incubator facilities and business development programmes - USA, Canada PDF  
Sarah LETHBRIDGE, Sarah 1999 The James Love Churchill Fellowship to investigate low cost sewerage schemes for implementation in small and rural communities - U.K., Denmark, Germany, USA, New Zealand
Brian TRENCH, Brian 1999 To investigate the administration and operation of the LEAF programme (Linking the Environment And Farming) - U.K.
Bruce TURNER, Bruce 1998 To investigate the management of public disputes, particularly those associated with land or resources - USA, Canada, UK
Felicity WADE, Felicity 1998 To study key environmental organisations and campaigners - USA
Philip GREEN, Philip 1997 To study new trends, concepts and mediums in environmental education - USA, Honduras
Margaret SCOTT, Margaret 1995 To examine the design and development of training programmes on land and water related environmental issues which train students to conduct real environmental studies - USA
Jenny DIBLEY, Jenny 1992 To visit environmental education facilities to observe overall organisation, services provided and environmental curriculum materials produced - Finland, UK
Robert NEWTOWN, Robert 1991 To observe techniques and approaches in the teaching of environmental education - USA
Sarah EWING, Sarah 1990 The Percy Baxter Charitable Trust Churchill Fellowship to experience first hand and meet with the creators of programmes which provide opportunities for public involvement in environmental problems - USA, UK, Netherlands, Kenya
Barry STOW, Barry 1981 To study the methods used to measure the effectiveness, efficiency and cost benefits of local government health services against community needs - USA, UK
Raymond MCCLUSKIE, Raymond 1973 To gain a better understanding of difficulties encountered by students in their education and training as Health Surveyors and in environmental studies in advanced education - UK, Switzerland PDF  
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