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Fellow Year Project Report
Keith JACKSON, Keith 2002 To study landuse change and its impact on rural communities - U.K., Ireland, France, Canada, USA PDF  
Robert QUIRK, Robert 2002 To examine ways to eliminate the acidity discharge from drainage in acid sulphate soils - Netherlands, USA PDF  
Edward THEXTON, Edward 2002 To study riparian vegetation rehabilitation assessment, planning and management in agricultural (non reserved) areas - USA, New Zealand, U.K., South Africa PDF  
Ian HUNTER, Ian 2001 To investigate the management of urban public parks and gardens - USA, Canada, UK PDF  
Peter O'REAGAIN, Peter 2001 The Samuel and Eileen Gluyas Churchill Fellowship to investigate sustainable management of rangelands, particularly new research and management technology - USA PDF  
Jason OLSEN, Jason 2001 To study the latest developments in soil health which offer the potential of sustaining Australia's soil resources and reducing our dependence on biocides - USA PDF  
Mark SHEAHAN, Mark 2001 To study the system of creating and trading credits for biodiversity between landholders, meeting both conservation and development goals - USA PDF  
Lukas VAN ZWIETEN, Lukas 2001 To research the implementation of new technology for removing organochlorines from the soil environment - USA PDF  
Brooke SUMMERS (Now Lewis), Brooke 2000 The Peter Mitchell Churchill Fellowship to explore community based environmental management to find new and innovative ways to encourage social change through the Landcare movement in Australia - USA, UK PDF  
Donald COCHRANE, Donald 1999 To investigate the integration of trees and shrubs into farming systems for economic and environmental reasons - South Africa, USA
Robert NIVEN, Robert 1998 To investigate the latest methods of rejuvenating contaminated soil - Canada, UK, Japan PDF  
Stuart ORD, Stuart 1997 To investigate urban park management - Canada, USA PDF  
Mark RITCHIE, Mark 1997 The Samual and Eileen Gluyas Churchill Fellowship to review extensive area environmental planning as it applies to the pastoral industry - USA, Canada
Tim CHRISTIAN, Tim 1996 To study and observe native tree propagation, bush regeneration and land rehabilitation - Australia
Terry HARPER, Terry 1996 The Lamington National Park Churchill Fellowship to study the management of natural areas set aside for recreation - Canada, USA, Norway, Sweden PDF  
Andrew ASH, Andrew 1995 The Samuel and Eileen Gluyas Churchill Fellowship to visit leading research centres investigating the sustainability of soil and pasture used for cattle grazing - USA, UK
Richard GEORGE, Richard 1995 To study and review practical options being developed by farmers and research agencies to reclaim degraded land, including salt-affected soils - USA, UK, China, Canada PDF  
Daniel HICKSON, Daniel 1994 The Samuel and Eileen Gluyas Churchill Fellowship to assess methods of setting up Landcare information centres (telecottages) - Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Italy, USA
Paul NOVELLY, Paul 1994 The WA Churchill Fellows' Association Churchill Fellowship to examine ways to improve and manage publicly-owned grazing lands - USA, Canada
Neil KELL, Neil 1993 To study recent developments in the design and installation of lighting to enhance public education and enjoyment of showcaves - USA
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