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Fellow Year Project Report
Bernard HOLLAND, Bernard 2006 To investigate how education systems institutionalise Ecological Sustainable Development - Canada, Sweden, Denmark, U.K., Ireland PDF  
Benjamin KEARNEY, Benjamin 2006 The Jack Sheeran Churchill Fellowship to investigate environmentally friendly and sustainable packaging technologies for the baking industry - Italy, Germany, U.K., USA PDF  
James LAWSON, James 2005 To investigate the role of alternative solid waste management technologies, processes and traditional landfill practices in sustainable waste management - Italy, U.K., USA, Canada PDF  
Rachael BERNSTONE, Rachael 2003 The A.V. Jennings Churchill Fellowship to study sustainable and affordable housing initiatives that aim to assist welfare dependent, low and middle income residents with emphasis on environmental issues - USA, Finland, Sweden, U.K. PDF  
Sherryl WRIGHT, Sherryl 2002 To better understand how to increase the voluntary participation of farmers in achieving environmentally sustainable agriculture and to meet market demands for clean and green produce - Netherlands, USA, Canada PDF  
Alan FORD, Alan 2002 To develop an educational programme to help students understand the principles involved in sustainable living - U.K. PDF  
Christine LAURENCE, Christine 2002 To study strategies, programmes, policies and organisations promoting sustainable transport - USA, Canada, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland PDF  
Bernie RIEGLER, Bernie 2002 To research the automotive service industry's cleaner production initiatives and implementation strategies for practical application in Australia via the "Green Stamp Programme" - U.K., Germany, Austria PDF  
Brooke RYAN, Brooke 2002 To study water sensitive urban design and sustainable environmental systems in landscape architectural design - Netherlands, France, Germany, Sweden, Morocco, India PDF  
Anthony GRANT, Anthony 2001 The Swire Group Churchill Fellowship to investigate the latest trends and methods in the feedlotting of beef and lamb, with particular emphasis on environmental sustainability, nutritional supplements and disease control - USA, UK, France, Germany, Middle
Andrew HAMMONDS, Andrew 2001 The A.V. Jennings Churchill Fellowship to investigate established community based sustainable urban development which can be applied in the planning, design and construction of public housing projects in Queensland - Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, Germany, PDF  
Peter O'REAGAIN, Peter 2001 The Samuel and Eileen Gluyas Churchill Fellowship to investigate sustainable management of rangelands, particularly new research and management technology - USA PDF  
Maria SIMONELLI, Maria 2001 To determine the motivational factors at work for organisations endeavouring to integrate environmental principles into their business objectives - USA, Canada PDF  
Randall BYRAM, Randall 2000 To research the conditions, methods and techniques by which Government and Private Sector establish eco-industrial parks - Denmark, Germany, USA
Catherine WOOLCOCK, Catherine 1999 The A.V. Jennings Churchill Fellowship to study ecological and "healthy" buildings, in particular the effect of the built environment design on indoor air quality - New Zealand, USA, Norway, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands PDF  
Matthew QUINN, Matthew 1997 To investigate private and public composting operations - USA
Robyn WEEKES, Robyn 1997 To study regeneration using Australian native plants - Israel PDF  
Dean FITZPATRICK, Dean 1995 To study permaculture - Australia
Guy KNOX, Guy 1995 To study ecological restoration of Indigenous flora in large urban areas involving community groups, schools, local authorities and professional organisations - Canada, USA, UK PDF  
Nigel BELL, Nigel 1994 To study "Placemaking" - Ecological design within sensitive environments - USA, Canada, UK
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