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Fellow Year Project Report
James McNEUR, James 2005 To investigate water efficient design techniques, drought-tolerant flora, innovative irrigation/reticulation strategies, infrastructure and creativity in grey-water recycling and desalination - USA, Spain, Israel, United Arab Emirates PDF  
Christopher PIPE-MARTIN, Christopher 2005 To investigate water treatment methods to improve the sustainability and quality of water supplies - Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, U.K., Canada, USA PDF  
Anthony BRINKLEY, Anthony 2004 To study water (particularly groundwater) resources, land use change and catchment protection - Italy, Austria, Germany, U.K., USA PDF  
David HAYNES, David 2004 To examine the techniques adopted and strategies used to report on water quality monitoring programs in tropical and temperate marine environments in the northern hemisphere - U.K., USA, Bermuda
Hugh MIDDLEMIS, Hugh 2004 To study Australian Groundwater Modelling Guidelines consistent with recent advances by adapting international methodologies to suit Australian conditions - Czech Republic, Netherlands, U.K. PDF  
Darcy REDMAN, Darcy 2004 To study production methods of high quality drinking water with emphasis on storage, safety, transport and local manufacture of water - USA PDF  
Jeffrey CAMKIN, Jeffrey 2003 To investigate water allocation and management systems with emphasis on the social, cultural, economic and environmental issues pertaining to this topic - Brazil, USA, South Africa PDF  
Paul HEATON, Paul 2003 To gain practical insights into the design and operation of small scale soil aquifer treatment (SAT) systems as it relates to the treatment, storage and reuse of effluence - USA PDF  
Seamus PARKER, Seamus 2003 To study trends in laws governing the management of water - Italy, U.K., USA, India PDF  
Peter QUINN, Peter 2003 To examine how communities, governments and agencies are dealing with the allocation, transfer and rehabilitation of scarce water resources in the context of escalating demands from competing user groups and declining river health - USA, U.K., Spain, Swit PDF  
Richard TARR, Richard 2003 To investigate new developments in desalination and wastewater recovery membrane treatment techniques, particularly focusing on minimising energy consumption, energy recovery systems and chemical use and process waste reduction - USA, Canada, United Arab PDF  
Lex APPELGREN, Lex 2002 The James Love Churchill Fellowship to investigate the use of membrane systems in the treatment and reuse of municipal wastewaters - USA, Canada PDF  
Tim JONES, Tim 2002 To investigate regulatory initiatives to ensure sustainable use of water resources and its impact on the economic development in rural communities e.g. aquaculture - China, USA PDF  
Frances SORENSEN, Frances 2002 To research water quality monitoring by adult community volunteers - USA
Robert THORN, Robert 2002 To examine the different methods of reef monitoring techniques - Australia PDF  
Tricia WILLIAMS, Tricia 2002 To examine water sharing in developed river systems, specifically techniques used by water resource managers in dealing with flow requirements and salinity issues - USA, Canada, South Africa, Pakistan PDF  
Christine COUGHANOWR, Christine 2001 To investigate successful estuary management programmes - France, UK, USA, Canada PDF  
Russell KING, Russell 2001 To visit countries where water rights systems and tradeable rights to ground water contamination are well established - Netherlands, Germany, UK, Ireland, USA PDF  
Michael RANKIN, Michael 2001 To identify strategies to train operators and users of irrigation systems and investigate working partnerships between key representative groups to enhance water efficiency practices - USA, Canada, Netherlands, Israel PDF  
Tim SMITH, Tim 2001 To investigate and evaluate the principles of, and community involvement in, stream management - UK
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