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Fellow Year Project Report
Anne KELLY, Anne 2009 The Vincent Fairfax Churchill Fellowship to gain practical experience in the application of Restorative Therapies for people living with dementia - Greece, Canada, USA PDF  
Ian HARDY, Ian 2008 The Vincent Fairfax Churchill Fellowship to investigate 'consumer-directed' aged care policy and practice - U.K., Germany, Austria, Japan PDF  
Frances LARKEY GETHEN, Frances 2007 The Mr and Mrs Gerald Frank New Churchill Fellowship to develop a National Register for dementia clients - Canada, USA, U.K., Ireland PDF  
Donelle RIVETT, Donelle 2007 To investigate teaching nursing home models that promote aged care provider, hospital and university collaboration - U.K., USA PDF  
Douglas WRIGHT, Douglas 2007 To study the clinical assessment and treatment of older patients in their homes or in care homes - U.K., Canada PDF  
Trevor CARR, Trevor 2006 To undertake a comparison of available and emerging technology, and of innovative care models, in providing cost effective solutions to the social and health risks taken by older people who choose to maintain independent living - USA, Canada, U.K., Irelan PDF  
Suzanne JARRAD, Suzanne 2006 The Vincent Fairfax Churchill Fellowship to investigate current practice in the protection of vulnerable older people with impaired decision-making in community care, residential care and hospitals - Canada, U.K. PDF  
Jonathan PIETSCH, Jonathan 2005 The Vincent Fairfax Churchill Fellowship to study primary health care partnership program/models that are developing solutions to provide coordinated and quality services for the aged with chronic/complex care needs - New Zealand, U.K., Canada PDF  
Anthea VREUGDENHIL, Anthea 2005 To investigate the development and delivery of physical exercise programs for people with senile dementia - USA, Canada PDF  
Judith BROWN, Judith 2004 To assess community programs which provide respite and support services to carers of people who are frail aged or have dementia in rural and remote localities - Canada, Sweden, Norway PDF  
Natalie CHOPPING (NOW SELL), Natalie 2004 The Vincent Fairfax Churchill Fellowship to research innovative health care interventions that allow older people to remain living independently in their own homes and helps to reduce avoidable hospitalisation - U.K., Canada PDF  
Kym ELLIOTT, Kym 2004 To visit "frontline" speech pathology clinics and research facilities that have documented success in the implementation of treatment approaches to improve the communicative competence and quality of life in individuals with semantic dementia - U.K., USA PDF  
Michael CAHILL, Michael 2003 The Sir Vincent Fairfax Churchill Fellowship to study programs which explore the psychosocial value of familial interactions as a dementia care path - Canada, USA PDF  
Shirley BENNELL, Shirley 2002 The Department for Community Development (WA) Churchill Fellowship to investigate ways of overcoming culturally inappropriate aged-care provision and barriers for Aboriginal people - USA PDF  
Carol PENNING, Carol 2002 The Mr and Mrs Gerald Frank New Churchill Fellowship to study person-centred ways of caring for people with dementia with emphasis on differing models of care, physical environments, activities and measurement tools for promoting wellbeing - USA, Canada, PDF  
Wendy ABBOTT, Wendy 2001 To investigate models of allied health service delivery in rural areas, particularly the provision of occupational therapy services to the aged and people with disabilities in their home environment - Canada, USA, Israel, UK, Ireland. PDF  
Helen PALETHORPE OAM, Helen 2001 To examine the development and delivery of physical activity programmes for older adults, with particular emphasis on the prevention of falls - USA, Canada, Netherlands PDF  
Barbara GIULIANO, Barbara 1999 The Sir Vincent Fairfax Churchill Fellowship to observe methods which address the problems of elderly depression - U.K., Hong Kong, Netherlands, Norway, USA, Canada PDF  
Virginia MOORE, Virginia 1999 The Mr and Mrs Gerald Frank New Churchill Fellowship to investigate systems for assessing the quality of care for dementia sufferers - U.K., Netherlands, Canada (Partially sponsored by the Brightwater Care Group Inc)
Phil HAMDORF, Phil 1998 To examine fitness and health programmes for older persons - Finland, UK, USA, Canada PDF  
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