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Fellow Year Project Report
Odette BEST, Odette 2002 The Bob and June Prickett Churchill Fellowship to evaluate Indigenous health and Indigenous nursing access programmes - New Zealand, USA, Canada PDF  
Roslyn GABRIEL, Roslyn 2001 To study the development of breastfeeding peer counsellor programmes for implementation within Australia and ways to increase the breastfeeding rates in Indigenous Australians and mothers from lower socioeconomic backgrounds - USA, South Africa, UK PDF  
Christine CUMAIYI, Christine 1999 To investigate Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) programmes for implementation in Indigenous communities - Bangladesh, Nepal, U.K., Canada
Catherine MOODY, Catherine 1998 The WA Family and Children's Services Churchill Fellowship to study community medicine with particular reference to paediatric nutritional education in Indigenous communities - UK, South Africa, Kenya PDF  
Glenise COULTHARD AM, Glenise 1997 To investigate the provision of health services for Indigenous people - USA, New Zealand PDF  
Mark MORAN, Mark 1997 The James Love Churchill Fellowship to study technology and health in Indigenous communities - USA, Canada PDF  
Brian CREER, Brian 1981 To study the use of visual communications for the health education of Indigenous communities - USA
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