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Fellow Year Project Report
Tushara Wickramariyaratne, Tushara 2016 To investigate models of psychological care for older transgender and gender diverse individuals - USA, Canada, Netherlands PDF  
Necia Mickel, Necia 2015 To investigate the role of built and landscape environment in improving well-being and recovery outcomes for veterans suffering stress including Post Traumatic Stress - Germany, Netherlands, UK, Canada, USA PDF  
Stefano Scalzo, Stefano 2015 To research the design of high amenity mental health facilities built over multiple levels - Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, France, Spain, USA, Canada PDF  
Jodie Zada, Jodie 2015 To study family inclusive programs in the mental health treatment of Defence force members - USA, Canada PDF  
Jonathan Lane, Jonathan 2014 To improve the psychiatric care of Australian Defence Force veterans through the implementation of policy informed by international best practice in military mental health - USA PDF  
Benjamin Veness, Benjamin 2013 The Monash University Churchill Fellowship to explore innovative prevention and early intervention strategies to improve the mental health of university students - Singapore, China, USA, UK, Switzerland PDF  
Laura Jellins, Laura 2012 The Peter Mitchell Churchill Fellowship to investigate the emerging use of technology to enhance the delivery of psychological services in schools - USA PDF  
Maria Tomasic, Maria 2012 To study service models and implementation for adults with dual disability of both an intellectual disability and mental illness - UK, Netherlands, Canada PDF  
Kim FOSTER, Kim 2011 To investigate programs for building resilience in children and families where parents have mental illness - Canada, USA, Netherlands PDF  
Catriona TONACIA OAM, Catriona 2011 To study methods for eradicating the stigma and misconceptions surrounding Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - UK, USA, Canada PDF  
Theresa WILLIAMS, Theresa 2011 To investigate the policy and practice of self directed support for people with a mental illness - UK, Ireland, Belgium, Netherlands PDF  
Maxine ASHTON, Maxine 2010 To investigate international approaches that effectively help people with mental illness to quit tobacco - USA, Canada PDF  
Bibiana CHAN, Bibiana 2010 To explore mental health peer-led recovery programs - Canada, USA PDF  
Claudia MANU-PRESTON, Claudia 2010 To investigate homelessness models of housing and support for people with a mental illness - UK, Italy, Canada, USA PDF  
Wendy GUSCOTT, Wendy 2009 To explore culturally appropriate response models to provide psychological support for people affected by trauma - USA, Canada, UK PDF  
Toby RAEBURN, Toby 2009 To investigate nurse led mental health services amongst disadvantaged populations - USA PDF  
Daniel HOWARD, Daniel 2008 To study forensic mental health systems - USA, Canada PDF  
Michael MITCHELL, Michael 2008 To analyse strategies for preventing and resolving mental health crisis situations by working collaboratively with other health care professionals - U.K., Canada, USA PDF  
Ross BLACK , Ross 2007 To study the delivery of multidisciplinary services to young people with mental health and behavioural difficulties to enable them to function optimally in society - U.K., USA, Canada PDF  
Allyson BROWNE, Allyson 2007 To investigate models of acute mental health care for severely injured trauma survivors - USA, U.K., Ireland, South Africa PDF  
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