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Fellow Year Project Report
Margherita NICOLETTI, Margherita 1997 To investigate ways to treat the terminally ill without invasive measures and with compassion and dignity - USA, UK
Elizabeth ENGLISH AM, Elizabeth 1996 To study specialised nursing care for people needing stomal therapy - USA
Keryln CARVILLE, Keryln 1995 The WA Churchill Fellows' Association Churchill Fellowship to review the latest theories, practices and technology for managing complex wounds - USA
Sally PANG (RIPPINGALE), Sally 1989 To gain knowledge and expertise from well established Nurse Continence Advisers in the UK and to develop further the Nurse Continence Advisory Service in Sydney - UK, USA PDF  
Mary ARCHIBALD PSM, Mary 1988 To visit selected renal programmes overseas in order to study aspects of renal failure and to observe programmes concerning nursing staff in specialty units - USA, Canada, UK, Italy
Jennifer BENSON, Jennifer 1987 To evaluate various hospice systems overseas in order to improve the care of the terminally ill, especially AIDS sufferers at Calvary Hospital Kogarah and in New South Wales generally - USA, UK, Canada
Wendy HAYNES, Wendy 1985 To study the nursing care of bone marrow transplantation patients in the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Centre Seattle - USA
Patricia HOOTON, Patricia 1985 To study the nurse's involvement in management, training, equipment, treatment and community education relating to burn units - USA, UK, Israel, France, Netherlands
Zoe JOHNS, Zoe 1983 To study developments in stoma therapy - UK, USA
Sandra BENNETT, Sandra 1982 To study teaching methods used for the physical and psychosocial rehabilitation of patients who have spinal cord injuries - USA, UK, Germany, France
Robyn BLANCH, Robyn 1980 To observe treatment and nursing care of Paediatric Dermatology - USA, Canada
Ann JARVIS, Ann 1980 To undertake a course in Stomal Therapy at the Cleveland Clinic - USA
Elizabeth WHITE, Elizabeth 1980 To undertake the Post Certificate Course in Oncological (Cancer) Nursing at the Royal Marsden Hospital, London - UK
Patricia DONNELLY, Patricia 1973 To gain further insight into present and future overseas trends in nursing administration and nursing education - UK, Canada
Doreen BATEY, Doreen 1969 To attend a public health nursing administration course and to observe the latest developments in public health nursing - UK, USA, Canada, Malaysia
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