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Fellow Year Project Report
Penny CAVANAGH, Penny 2002 To investigate innovative resources and educational programmes developed by other Parliaments - U.K., USA PDF  
Leonie JACQUES, Leonie 2002 To study the international social policy response and provision of services for the families, friends and significant others of people who are missing - USA, U.K. PDF  
Scott EMERSON, Scott 2001 To study and produce for publication an analysis of emerging United States political campaign techniques and their likely impact on Australian elections - USA PDF  
Graham WOOD, Graham 2001 The Monash University Churchill Fellowship to study the role of government in the establishment, accreditation and quality assurance of universities - UK, USA, Netherlands, New Zealand PDF  
Juliet HUNT, Juliet 2000 To study initiatives for institutionalising Gender and Development approaches within Government and non-Government development organisations - Philippines, Bangladesh, UK, Sweden, France, Netherlands PDF  
Diana DAGG, Diana 1999 To study co-ordination among Government agencies operating at the local level in children's health, welfare and development - U.K., USA
Adim HAJAT, Adim 1999 To study ways in which local govenments can increase efficiency and implement new programmes - Australia
Stephanie SMITH, Stephanie 1999 To investigate a variety of roles local governments are adopting to facilitate the retention and promotion of affordable housing for people on low incomes - uk, netherlands, germany
John CIPOLLA, John 1997 To analyse refugee determination procedures - Canada, USA, Germany PDF  
Noor ANTHONEY, Noor 1995 To gain a better understanding of local government processes with particular reference to its role in encouraging tourism - Australia
Amanda BIGELOW, Amanda 1995 The James Love Churchill Fellowship to investigate partnership agreements between Indigenous peoples and governments - New Zealand, Canada
Michael CARR, Michael 1993 The Renewable Energy Churchill Fellowship to study energy policy and utility regulation - USA, UK
Michael O'LOUGHLIN, Michael 1992 The Westpac Churchill Fellowship to study the rigorous and systematic evaluation of government programmes with particular reference to financial management reforms designed to address this issue - USA, Canada, Sweden, UK
Catherine McGOWAN AO, Catherine 1990 To study the consultative mechanisms used for communication between rural communities, government departments and agencies with particular emphasis on rural women - Canada PDF  
John HATTON, John 1989 To study the mechanisms for the decentralisation of power as a means of ensuring greater accountability and probity of government - Sweden, Canada
Rodney MCDONALD, Rodney 1989 The Gandel Churchill Fellowship to study alternative sources of revenue used or considered by local government and assess their applicability for Victorian local government - USA, UK, Canada
Timothy WOOTON, Timothy 1984 To study the relationship between elected persons and the organisation and responsiveness of the state administration - USA
Barry STOW, Barry 1981 To study the methods used to measure the effectiveness, efficiency and cost benefits of local government health services against community needs - USA, UK
Rodney WISE, Rodney 1980 To study overseas developments in social democratic theory, the training of parliamentary candidates and Labor Party officials, the formulation of Labor policy and its dissemination and the drafting and implementation of election campaign schedules of maj
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