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Fellow Year Project Report
Keran HOWE, Keran 2004 To explore models and resource materials relevant to health services responding to women experiencing violence, particularly pregnant women and women with disabilities - USA, Canada PDF  
Jo SPANGARO, Jo 2004 To study the provision of forensic examinations for victims of sexual assault and tools for identifying and responding to undisclosed domestic violence - USA, Canada PDF  
Paul SMITH, Paul 2003 To study the operation of specialised Domestic Violence Courts, especially with respect to Court ordered behaviour change programs - USA PDF  
Fiona STEVENS, Fiona 2002 The Jack Brockhoff Foundation Churchill Fellowship to assess the aims, methods, successes and problems of the "Repeat Victimisation (Sexual Assault & Domestic Violence) Task Force" - U.K. PDF  
Betty TAYLOR, Betty 2002 To study multi-agency interventions to domestic violence with a focus on collaborative approaches to domestic violence, child abuse and sexual assault within a common model - USA, Canada PDF  
Gabrielle BUICK, Gabrielle 2000 To study programmes designed for hospital emergency departments to recognise and manage victims of domestic abuse - USA, Canada PDF  
Susan FOSTER, Susan 1999 To investigate collaborative and co-ordinated Government and non-government agency responses to intervention and prevention strategies in domestic and family violence - USA, UK, New Zealand, Canada PDF  
Edgars OZOLS, Edgars 1998 To study programmes for mentally ill offenders and perpetrators of domestic violence - USA PDF  
Julie HANSEN, Julie 1997 To examine multi-agency responses to domestic violence - UK, Singapore
Dale HURST, Dale 1994 To investigate the latest developments and findings regarding community based group programmes for domestically violent men and adolescent males - USA, UK, Canada
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