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Fellow Year Project Report
Diana PALMER, Diana 2009 The Blakeney Millar Churchill Fellowship to study the provision of accessible, relevant information enabling people with disabilities to make informed travel choices - USA, Canada, Sweden, UK, China PDF  
Toby RAEBURN, Toby 2009 To investigate nurse led mental health services amongst disadvantaged populations - USA PDF  
Annette THOMPSON, Annette 2009 To collaborate with trainers and writers of software resources for vision impaired people - USA, Canada PDF  
Sarah TRACTON, Sarah 2009 To study access modifications in cinemas and venues for audiences with a disability - USA, UK, Israel PDF  
Peter BATTEN, Peter 2008 To study mentoring programs for young people with Autism/Asperger's Syndrome - USA, U.K. PDF  
Darren LOMMAN, Darren 2008 To research organisational models and physical structures of rehabilitation and engineering centres - Canada, USA, UK, Ireland, Sweden, Italy PDF  
Julie DINI, Julie 2007 To study therapeutic programs developed for foster carers caring for children with disabilities - USA, U.K., Finland, Netherlands PDF  
Jenny GAMBLE, Jenny 2007 To examine models of maternity care, policy and training to facilitate the provision of services for disadvantaged women - U.K., Netherlands, Iceland, Canada PDF  
Olivia GEMMELL (NOW ANDERSEN), Olivia 2007 The Sir William Kilpatrick Churchill Fellowship to study mentoring programs for hearing impaired children/adolescents and their parents - U.K., USA, Norway PDF  
Jason DAVIES-KILDEA, Jason 2006 To study holistic models of care, for highly disadvantaged people, which have been established in faith-based communities - Kenya, U.K., USA PDF  
Stephen GIANNI, Stephen 2006 The Jack Brockhoff Foundation Churchill Fellowship to investigate models of leadership development for people with disabilities - U.K., Ireland, Germany PDF  
Simon FAULKNER, Simon 2005 The Department for Community Development (WA) Churchill Fellowship to investigate the use of music therapy interventions with "at risk" groups including youth, indigenous populations and substance misusers - Canada, USA PDF  
Kanthi PERERA, Kanthi 2005 To study innovative programs that address loss and grief in the context of mental illness in order to minimise the distress and trauma experienced by both the person with the diagnosis and his/her family - Canada, USA PDF  
Donna BRIDGE, Donna 2004 To study the role external agencies, schools and community members play in establishing effective networks in disadvantaged communities to succeed economically, socially, culturally and academically - Canada, USA PDF  
Marcia CUNNINGHAM, Marcia 2004 To explore unique programmes that work with "at risk" and underage adolescents who are unable to complete formal schooling because of their behavioural and emotional problems and become a burden on society - Canada, USA PDF  
Reginald DAVIS, Reginald 2004 To investigate how educational and mental health workers use interactive computer based multimedia to explore issues relating to emotional wellbeing in schools, including bullying, anger management, discrimination and depression - U.K., USA, Canada PDF  
Joan HUGHES, Joan 2004 To research policy and program responses that deal with the growing number of ageing family carers, particularly those who care for other adults with disabilities, often their own sons/daughters - USA, Canada, U.K. PDF  
Lin HATFIELD DODDS, Lin 2003 To examine the design and implementation of wholistic poverty reduction strategies that address the underlying causes of social disadvantage - U.K., Ireland, USA, Canada, Portugal, France PDF  
Dean KLAEBE, Dean 2002 To investigate the types of employment services that are available for people with a mental health related disability - U.K., Finland, Switzerland PDF  
Hugh PACKARD, Hugh 2002 The Blakeney Millar Churchill Fellowship to examine rural employment options, particularly within modern timber industries, for people with disabilities - USA, Canada, Sweden PDF  
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