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Fellow Year Project Report
Isabel BAKER, Isabel 2009 The Dr Dorothea Sandars Churchill Fellowship to investigate innovation in physiotherapy for children with acquired spinal cord injury - USA, Canada, UK, Italy PDF  
Cristina BORNHOFEN PhD, Cristina 2009 To visit centres of excellence in brain injury rehabilitation to gain knowledge and experience of new rehabilitation approaches - USA, UK, Netherlands, Denmark, Germany PDF  
Sheridan FLINT (NOW Cucchiarelli), Sheridan 2009 To investigate the assessment and rehabilitation of complex adult cochlear implantees - Denmark, Germany, UK PDF  
Anne HOLLAND PhD, Anne 2009 The Jack Brockhoff Foundation Churchill Fellowship to discover new ways to deliver Pulmonary Rehabilitation for Australians with chronic lung disease - UK, Norway, Spain, Canada PDF  
Sophie HEYWOOD, Sophie 2008 The Jack Brockhoff Foundation Churchill Fellowship to study innovations in Aquatic Physiotherapy in the management of chronic diseases - Switzerland, Spain, Belgium, U.K., USA PDF  
Karen ROBERTS, Karen 2008 The Jack Brockhoff Foundation Churchill Fellowship to study current advances in rehabilitation services for upper limb amputees - USA, U.K., Sweden PDF  
Helen ROWE, Helen 2008 To study the clinical practice of allied health team members within Multidisciplinary Pain Management Centres - U.K., Netherlands, Belgium, Canada, New Zealand PDF  
Mary GALEA AM, Mary 2007 To study innovative rehabilitation concepts for treating spinal cord injuries - USA, Canada, Switzerland, U.K. PDF  
Jennifer GWINN, Jennifer 2007 To study rehabilitation nursing of children in paediatric rehabilitation settings - Canada, USA PDF  
Julie NOBLE, Julie 2005 To study initiatives in hospital school education and the provision of home tuition services to recuperating and chronically ill children - New Zealand, U.K., Ireland, USA PDF  
David MUNRO, David 2004 To examine the role of physiotherapy in circus arts in reducing the risk of injury, improving workplace practices and maximising performance skills - Canada, USA, China PDF  
Lee BEESTON, Lee 2003 To evaluate the nurse's role in cognitive behavioural programmes with emphasis on multidisciplinary pain management programmes - U.K., USA, Canada PDF  
Jane MUNRO , Jane 2003 The Jack Brockhoff Foundation Churchill Fellowship to evaluate and compare several centres with different models of multidisciplinary paediatric pain units with a view to improving local Victorian paediatric pain services - USA, Canada, U.K., Sweden PDF  
Emma BINNS, Emma 2002 The Peter Mitchell Churchill Fellowship to acquire knowledge and gain practical experience of the most recent worldwide techniques in hand rehabilitation - USA, Sweden PDF  
Lynne MCKINLAY, Lynne 2002 To investigate rehabilitation services for children - USA, Canada PDF  
Maura BOCK, Maura 1999 To undertake a specialised speech pathology course on the rehabilitation of adults dependent on mechanical ventilation - USA, U.K. PDF  
Edwina SHANNON, Edwina 1999 To examine current trends and practices in the treatment of chronic pain by occupational therapists - U.K., USA, Canada
Peter GOLDSWAIN, Peter 1998 To investigate the latest developments in hospital rehabilitation services and facilities - Canada, USA, Sweden PDF  
Stephanie DOWDEN, Stephanie 1997 The Percy Baxter Churchill Fellowship to study paediatric rehabilitation programs - USA, Canada, UK
Catherine HARKIN, Catherine 1997 The Bob and June Prickett Churchill Fellowship to investigate methods of rehabilitation of injured hands and arms - USA PDF  
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