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Fellow Year Project Report
Morgan ATKINSON, Morgan 2008 To investigate exercise rehabilitation interventions for cancer patients - USA, Canada, Spain, Germany PDF  
Louise PRESSWELL, Louise 2008 To study cancer care education for rural and Indigenous people - Canada, U.K. PDF  
Maeve DOWNES, Maeve 2007 The Dorothea Sandars and Irene Lee Churchill Fellowship to study strategies and models of care used by the world's leading health care professionals in improving adolescent and young adult cancer care - U.K., Ireland, USA, Canada PDF  
Susan PALMER, Susan 2007 The Jack Brockhoff Foundation Churchill Fellowship to improve age-specific care for adolescent and young adult cancer patients - U.K., USA PDF  
Vincenzo MERCURI, Vincenzo 2006 The Jack Brockhoff Foundation Churchill Fellowship to study Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) screening programs for breast cancer detection in women at high risk - USA PDF  
Wayne CLAPTON, Wayne 2001 The Bob and June Prickett Churchill Fellowship to study applied public health practice, cancer epidemiology statistics and registration systems - Canada, USA, UK, France, Germany PDF  
David DAWES, David 2001 To examine the relationship between spirituality and healing in cancer and terminal illness patients - USA PDF  
Lawson RIDE, Lawson 1999 The Sir William Kilpatrick Churchill Fellowship to study rural cancer control with particular reference to patient support, prevention and fundraising - Norway, Netherlands, Ireland, Canada, USA
Richard WILLIAMSON, Richard 1999 The Bob and June Prickett Churchill Fellowship to study advances in paediatric tumour diagnosis using new techniques to identify alterations in tumour DNA - USA PDF  
Bronwyn CHAPPLE, Bronwyn 1995 The Bob and June Prickett Churchill Fellowship to study mammography training for radiographers - Netherlands, Sweden, UK, USA
Deirdre HANNA, Deirdre 1995 To investigate the provision of spiritual support and pastoral care for people with cancer - USA, UK PDF  
Darrel WHITAKER, Darrel 1990 To study the diagnosis and management of asbestos related cancer - UK, Netherlands (Financially supported by the University of WA and the WA Cancer Council Inc) PDF  
Michael FETT, Michael 1989 The Medicheck Churchill Fellowship to visit centres which are developing or conducting programmes in breast and cervical cancer screening in order to screen and treat women with abnormal results - Canada, Finland, Sweden, UK
Wendy HAYNES, Wendy 1985 To study the nursing care of bone marrow transplantation patients in the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Centre Seattle - USA
Phillip REECE, Phillip 1983 To study the effects of disease and drug interactions on the pharmaco-kinetics of the anti-cancer drugs at the Mayo Clinic - USA
Gregory JENNINGS, Gregory 1982 To study group support programmes for cancer patients and their families - USA, Canada
Judith FREUND, Judith 1981 To study recent overseas developments in nuclear medicine with particular reference to cardiology and cancer and attend international conferences - USA, Canada
Elizabeth WHITE, Elizabeth 1980 To undertake the Post Certificate Course in Oncological (Cancer) Nursing at the Royal Marsden Hospital, London - UK
Anne PIASZCZYK, Anne 1978 To study the techniques of nursing cancer patients (Oncology) - USA, UK
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