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Fellow Year Project Report
Rachel Wotton, Rachel 2016 To review training programs for sex workers providing services to clients with disability - UK, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Denmark PDF  
Jacqueline Anders, Jacqueline 2015 The Jack Brockhoff Foundation Churchill Fellowship to investigate effective approaches to re-engaging youth offenders with education - Denmark, UK, USA PDF  
Alison Black, Alison 2015 To research engaging and accessible documentaries that can bring about social change - USA, UK PDF  
Jamie Brady, Jamie 2015 The AV Jennings Churchill Fellowship to better manage the interface between industrial development and expanding residential communities - UK, Netherlands, France, Canada, USA, Singapore PDF  
Erin Bromfield, Erin 2015 To study approaches to assessing gender-based claims for refugee status put forward by women - Belgium, USA, Indonesia PDF  
Mary Delahunty, Mary 2015 To investigate campaigns for gender equity reforms in international retirement systems - Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, France, USA, Chile PDF  
Andrea Ho, Andrea 2015 To investigate practical strategies for improving cultural diversity in Australian media - UK, Sweden PDF  
Troy Kirkham, Troy 2015 To investigate innovative and inclusive retention strategies for youth participants in community sport - Canada, USA, UK PDF  
Simon Lewis, Simon 2015 To explore short term live-in intensive models for intellectually disabled students - Canada, USA, Peru PDF  
Bronnie Mackintosh AFSM, Bronnie 2015 To promote and increase numbers of women and ethnically diverse people in Australian Fire Agencies - Japan, India, UK, Sweden, France, Canada, USA PDF  
Benjamin Martin, Benjamin 2015 To examine the media's role in public campaigns to change citizens' behaviour and improve communities - UK, Germany, Sweden, USA
Nick McKenzie, Nick 2015 To improve Australia's fight against bribery of foreign officials and asset seizure regime - USA, UK, Ireland PDF  
Karrina Nolan, Karrina 2015 To enhance Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women's leadership capacity and engagement in community and civic life - Canada, USA PDF  
Shona Whitton, Shona 2015 To investigate methods of planning and managing disaster memorials - USA, UK, Norway, Germany PDF  
Stephen Bentley, Stephen 2014 The Gallaugher Bequest Churchill Fellowship to investigate effective models of re-engaging traumatised children with education - USA, UK PDF  
James Farrell OAM, James 2014 To investigate how lawyers can empower communities to achieve change - USA, Canada, UK PDF  
Chelsea Roffey, Chelsea 2014 To explore strategies for influencing social change that enables and encourages girls to be the authors of their own lives - USA, Canada, Sweden, UK, India PDF  
Deborah Kilroy OAM, Deborah 2013 To contribute to decarceration through identifying innovative alternatives to imprisonment which could be implemented in Australia - USA, Canada PDF  
Julie McKay, Julie 2013 The ACT Government Audrey Fagan Churchill Fellowship to promote thought leadership on gender equality, focusing on recruitment and retention of women in management roles in non-traditional sectors - USA, Chile, Lithuania, UK PDF  
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