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Fellow Year Project Report
Jo-Ann Brown, Jo-Ann 2015 To investigate effective care programs for people living with dementia in prison - New Zealand, USA PDF  
Michelle Enbom, Michelle 2015 To learn new ways to manage intellectually disabled offenders including transition to the community - Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, UK, USA PDF  
Kate Fitz-Gibbon, Kate 2015 The Peter Mitchell Churchill Fellowship to examine innovative legal responses to intimate homicide - UK, USA, Canada PDF  
Rosslyn Monro, Rosslyn 2015 To investigate how the community legal sector can be sustainable by pro-actively diversifying funding streams - USA PDF  
Murray Robinson, Murray 2015 To examine trauma-informed models of youth detention - USA, Norway, Netherlands PDF  
Claire Seppings, Claire 2015 To study the rehabilitative role of ex-prisoners/offenders as peer mentors in reintegration models - UK, Ireland, Sweden, USA PDF  
Mindy Sotiri, Mindy 2015 To research prisoner reintegration services delivered by community sector organisations - UK, USA PDF  
Natasha Woods, Natasha 2015 To investigate arts in prisons particularly its capacity to reduce recidivism and produce savings - UK, USA, New Zealand PDF  
Kylie Beckhouse, Kylie 2014 To investigate the administration, delivery and current innovations in legal representation schemes for children - USA, UK PDF  
Katie Bourne, Katie 2014 The Donald Mackay Churchill Fellowship to examine the technological resources utilised by international law enforcement agencies to assist in tracing the proceeds of crime - USA, Netherlands, UK, Canada PDF  
Jennifer Bowles , Jennifer 2014 To review options for residential therapeutic treatment for young people suffering substance abuse/mental illness - New Zealand, UK, Sweden PDF  
Catherine Crawford, Catherine 2014 To assess how Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder affected youth in the criminal justice system are dealt with in other jurisdictions - New Zealand, Canada, USA PDF  
Hugh Dillon, Hugh 2014 To develop guidelines for best practice in Australian coroners' courts, especially the training of coroners - Canada, UK, Germany PDF  
James Farrell OAM, James 2014 To investigate how lawyers can empower communities to achieve change - USA, Canada, UK PDF  
Stephen Farrow, Stephen 2014 To improve the decision-making processes of the Victorian Adult Parole Board - USA, Canada PDF  
Eleanore Fritze, Eleanore 2014 The Jack Brockhoff Foundation Churchill Fellowship to better protect the human rights and dignity of people with disabilities, who are detained and subjected to compulsory treatment in closed environments, through the use of innovative legal services - USA, UK, Hungary PDF  
Anna Horvath, Anna 2014 To enhance Australian law enforcement understanding of the American DEA's national communications database, their international covert money laundering operations, and how they can be fused within Australian law enforcement - USA PDF  
Julia Mansour, Julia 2014 The Peter Mitchell Churchill Fellowship to investigate the situation of women defendants in domestic violence incidents in comparable legal jurisdictions - UK, USA, Canada PDF  
Nigel Miller, Nigel 2014 To instigate the establishment of a child protection law specialist accreditation program in Queensland - UK, Switzerland, USA, Canada PDF  
Lyma Nguyen, Lyma 2014 To build expertise in the practice of international criminal justice by examining the operation of international courts and preparing victim representation in a genocide trial before the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia - Netherlands, France, Germany, Cambodia PDF  
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