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Fellow Year Project Report
William FARGHER, William 2009 To undertake a comparative study of international water policy and management arrangements to inform the next generation of water reform in Australia - USA, France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Jordan, Sri Lanka PDF  
Samuel MURRAY, Samuel 2009 To assess the impact of compulsory registration and accreditation systems of support staff on disability service provision - U.K., Norway, Canada, USA PDF  
Nina ROGERS, Nina 2009 To study regional partnerships and collaborative programs for enhanced local government adaptation to climate change - UK, Belgium, Canada, USA PDF  
Joanne McNEILL, Joanne 2008 To study the role that local government can play in supporting the development of social enterprise - USA, Canada, U.K. PDF  
Karen MIDDLETON, Karen 2008 To investigate the role and operation of parliamentary press galleries in comparable organisations - USA, Canada, U.K., Ireland PDF  
Beverley WALLACE, Beverley 2008 The E.C. Webb Trust Churchill Fellowship to study dairy industry greenhouse gas emissions and policy development - New Zealand, USA, Netherlands, Belgium, U.K. PDF  
Michael WHITE, Michael 2008 To investigate the delivery of urban renewal programs - USA, U.K., Netherlands, Sweden PDF  
Peter CHANDLER MLA, Peter 2007 To ascertain the link between Urban Animal Control and animal welfare - USA, Canada, U.K. PDF  
Franchesca CUBILLO, Franchesca 2006 To ascertain how government legislation, organisational policies and community strategies have facilitated the repatriation of Indigenous human remains - New Zealand, USA, Canada, U.K. PDF  
Craig RITCHIE, Craig 2006 To study leadership development and governance models within Indigenous non-government organisations and communities - USA, Canada PDF  
Kathy KELLY, Kathy 2005 To investigate strategies to deliver "post retirement employment opportunities" for our retiring workforce - U.K., USA PDF  
Alessandra PECK, Alessandra 2005 To examine a range of solutions and options that international local government authorities have successfully employed to meet the challenges and opportunities of population ageing - Japan, U.K., Denmark, Canada, New Zealand PDF  
Parry AGIUS, Parry 2004 To visit a range of Indigenous Governments, Parliaments and Councils in order to explore and identify strategies for organising and empowering Indigenous people - Norway, Sweden, Canada, USA PDF  
Christine SINDELY, Christine 2004 To examine indigenous aged care policies and programs being delivered by Governments of Indigenous populations - Norway, USA, Canada PDF  
Greg DOYLE, Greg 2003 To study community capacity, economic development, community safety and renewal - U.K., Canada PDF  
Mark STOKER, Mark 2003 To examine the procedures used by the Injured Workers Industry to detect fraud and implement return to work methodologies - USA, Canada, Germany, Thailand PDF  
Kate LEE, Kate 2002 To examine innovative strategies developed by overseas trade unions, particularly workplace organising, public education, independent research and funding advocacy - U.K., Ireland, Norway, Thailand, USA, Canada PDF  
John LONEY, John 2002 To examine the implementation and results of government action in a situation where a government policy of reduction in native timber harvesting has brought about large scale economic and social restructuring of regional communities - Canada, USA, New Zea PDF  
Kerry SMITH (NOW FITZGERALD), Kerry 2002 The NRMA-A.C.T. Road Safety Trust Churchill Fellowship to investigate policies and practices used to deter drink driving - New Zealand, USA, Canada, U.K., Sweden PDF  
Penny CAVANAGH, Penny 2002 To investigate innovative resources and educational programmes developed by other Parliaments - U.K., USA PDF  
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