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Fellow Year Project Report
Anthony Femia, Anthony 2012 [REPORT NOT SUBMITTED] The Jack Green Churchill Fellowship to learn the art of cheese affinage and facilitate the creation of a national cheese society - UK, France
Bradley JACKSON, Bradley 2011 The Park Family Churchill Fellowship to research and develop advanced techniques for the production, restoration and conservation of traditional ironwork - UK, USA, Italy PDF  
Jonathon BARNES, Jonathon 2010 To study timber conservation and repair techniques - UK PDF  
Maurice POTRZEBA, Maurice 2010 To study historic pointing, mortars, gauged arches and niche construction to facilitate the correct preservation of historical buildings - UK PDF  
Oliver SMITH, Oliver 2010 To study the design and manufacture of cutlery - UK, Denmark, South Korea PDF  
Margarita SAMPSON, Margarita 2009 To undertake further studies in contemporary jewellery design - Australia, France, UK PDF  
Jessica THAKUR, Jessica 2009 To undertake an intensive training course in Swiss watchmaking - Switzerland PDF  
Rosie BOYLAN, Rosie 2008 To develop expertise in men's hat design by examining current and historical practices - Italy, France, U.K., USA, Japan PDF  
Lynton FOSTER, Lynton 2008 The Jack Green Churchill Fellowship to study artisanal farmhouse cheesemaking techniques particularly the application of microfiltration technology - France, Ireland, U.K. PDF  
Ann-Maree WILLETT, Ann-Maree 2008 To study and revive the lost art of millinery in Australia - Italy, France, U.K. PDF  
Gregory WILLIAMS, Gregory 2008 To study cake decorating and bakery training - USA PDF  
Bradley WILLIAMS, Bradley 2008 To study the use of traditional lime products in architectural sandstone conservation - U.K. PDF  
Lang LEAV, Lang 2007 The Peter Mitchell Churchill Fellowship to study the unique style of fashion inspired by the Harajuku Girls in Japan - Japan PDF  
Mark NUGENT, Mark 2007 To study the techniques used by traditional coach building firms to design and fabricate the bodywork on vintage and classic cars - U.K., Italy, France, Germany PDF  
Petr ZLY, Petr 2007 To research traditional shoemaking skills - India PDF  
Benjamin KEARNEY, Benjamin 2006 The Jack Sheeran Churchill Fellowship to investigate environmentally friendly and sustainable packaging technologies for the baking industry - Italy, Germany, U.K., USA PDF  
Musette MOLYNEAUX, Musette 2006 The Gilbert Spottiswood Churchill Fellowship to study traditional ballet costume construction techniques for use in traditional and contemporary theatrical productions - U.K. PDF  
Nicholas BAILEY, Nicholas 2005 To study fine furniture design, construction methods and techniques that are used in antique pieces and future antiques - U.K., USA PDF  
Ashley BRYANT, Ashley 2005 To gain the traditional skills of woodworking by combining new technology and materials to keep Australia at the forefront of contemporary Australian furniture - USA, U.K., Finland, Denmark PDF  
Claudio CIRO, Claudio 2005 To develop theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the technique of scagliola (marble imitation) - Italy PDF  
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