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Fellow Year Project Report
SANDRA LLOYD, SANDRA 1999 To explore models of schooling which integrate the provision of vocational education into mainstream academic education - Germany, France, U.K., Ireland PDF  
Jill VINES (Now Clements), Jill 1999 The WA Churchill Fellows' Association Churchill Fellowship to investigate training for teachers of religious education in Government schools - U.K. PDF  
Richard LAIDLAW, Richard 1998 To investigate ways to improve vocational education - USA, Germany, Sweden PDF  
Phil WATSON, Phil 1998 To investigate ways to organise and train conservation volunteers - UK, USA, Norway, Denmark, China
David GRAY, David 1997 To study vocational education and training of senior high school students - Germany, Denmark PDF  
Anthony McCUSKER, Anthony 1995 To visit major Sail-Training Institutions - USA, UK, Canada
Margaret SCOTT, Margaret 1995 To examine the design and development of training programmes on land and water related environmental issues which train students to conduct real environmental studies - USA
Chris TOWNSEND, Chris 1995 To study overseas helicopter safety courses, researching insurance underwriters requirements and training programmes for the Australian helicopter industry - USA, Netherlands, UK, South Africa
Anthoney BROWN, Anthoney 1994 To research the implications and changes arising from the reform of adult vocational community education - Germany, UK
Paul GIBBON, Paul 1992 To study technical training in domestic and industrial electronics - Japan
Kathleen WILDE (Now Cavanagh), Kathleen 1991 To investigate staff training in development disability services and to identify those models of staff training which could be applicable to the services in NSW - USA, Canada PDF  
Gavin REEVES, Gavin 1990 The WA Naval Reserve Cadet Churchill Fellowship to investigate naval cadet training to ensure that the future directions of our Naval Reserve Cadet Scheme provide the best possible training in citizenship and seamanship - New Zealand, USA, UK, Canada, Net PDF  
Bernard STOCK, Bernard 1989 To visit academic institutions to study the range, purpose and content of educational programmes available to service the textile manufacturing industry - UK
Wendy WEIR PSM, Wendy 1989 To investigate the education and training programmes conducted for those working in comprehensive, community based mental health services and to adapt these to meet the training needs of staff in New South Wales and Australia - USA, Canada
Gary PASK, Gary 1988 To study training of personnel in the furniture removal industry - UK, USA, Canada
Jane VIRTUE, Jane 1987 To study sail training in Europe in order to contribute better to Australian Yachting Federation Training Schemes - UK, Germany
Lawrence (Laurie) BONNEY, Lawrence (Laurie) 1986 To investigate the organisation and conduct of training courses for farmers and for those planning to follow farming careers - UK, USA PDF  
Peter ELDER, Peter 1986 To examine the production and marketing of training programmes for small business executives and secondary and tertiary students - USA
Rob NICHOLLS, Rob 1983 To study developments in the training of staff working with disabled people through attending courses conducted by the Training Institute for Human Service Planning, Leadership and Change Agency at Syracuse University and by visiting relevant training cen
Kenneth EDWARDS, Kenneth 1982 To study sail training programmes and obtain a sail endorsement to a Master Mariners Certificate - UK
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