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Fellow Year Project Report
Kevin Kitchen, Kevin 2012 The Office of Rail Heritage (NSW) Churchill Fellowship to undertake an investigation into a risk based life-cycle approach to the maintenance and management of rail assets within the heritage rail industry - USA, UK, France, Japan PDF  
David HOLM, David 2011 To study the design of public places in the increasing urban density of Australia's growing cities - USA, China, UK, Japan PDF  
Laura KOSTANSKI, Laura 2011 To study methods for recording unofficial place names into comprehensive data sets and improved knowledge transfer - UK, Sweden, Netherlands, Canada, USA PDF  
Tanya VINCENT, Tanya 2011 To investigate how Copenhagen's play yards address the parental fears and higher densities that limit the outdoor, independent play of children in Australian cities - Denmark PDF  
Timothy ANDERSON, Timothy 2010 To study ways of improving bushfire intelligence through the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles - Israel, Germany, Italy, UK, USA PDF  
Peter ANDERSON, Peter 2010 The Office for Rail Heritage (NSW) Churchill Fellowship to develop reference and guidance material to enable volunteer-run heritage rail operators to comply with the Rail Safety Act - New Zealand, USA, Canada, UK PDF  
William CADDEY, William 2010 To investigate how communities promote and support walking as a viable option for health, transport and recreation - Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, France, Spain, UK PDF  
Helen LOCHHEAD, Helen 2010 The AV Jennings Churchill Fellowship to study recent models of urban regeneration that demonstrate a holistic approach to climate change and sustainability - UK, Denmark, Sweden, USA, Canada PDF  
Jason SPROTT, Jason 2010 To study sustainable seaport design, development and operation - Singapore, China, UK, Netherlands, USA, Canada PDF  
Elizabeth BROWN, Elizabeth 2009 To study innovation in engineering for sustainable development - USA, UK PDF  
Eric CHALMERS, Eric 2009 The NRMA-A.C.T. Road Safety Trust Churchill Fellowship to study road-related child injury prevention programs - New Zealand, USA, UK, Austria, Germany, Switzerland PDF  
Monique CONHEADY, Monique 2009 To investigate public transport systems utilising the latest technology to incorporate newer forms of transit such as bicycles and car sharing - China, Hong Kong, Germany, Switzerland, France, UK, USA, Singapore PDF  
Elaena GARDNER, Elaena 2009 To investigate city-based bicycle advocacy organisations - USA, Canada, UK PDF  
Mark McDONALD, Mark 2009 The John Swire & Sons Churchill Fellowship to study managing and developing sustainable aerial application in an environmentally sensitive world - USA PDF  
Jock CARTER, Jock 2008 To assess opportunities to enhance rail distribution in regional Australia - USA, Canada, U.K., Germany, France PDF  
John LARCOMBE, John 2008 To examine urban mass transit systems both below ground (metro rail) and above ground (light rail/busways) - USA, Canada PDF  
Jennifer EDMONDS, Jennifer 2007 The NSW Office of Rail Heritage Churchill Fellowship to study the preservation of steam locomotives - Germany, Switzerland, France, U.K., USA PDF  
Sally MALONE, Sally 2007 To study the development of regional creative economies with an emphasis on urban design - Canada, USA, U.K., Spain PDF  
Donna STURGESS APM, Donna 2007 To study how policing organisations address rail related safety and security to provide an environment that gains community confidence - Russia, U.K., USA, Canada, Hong Kong PDF  
Adam HADDOW, Adam 2006 The 40th Anniversary Churchill Fellowship (NSW) to explore alternatives to conventional models of urban design that have produced alienating suburban sprawl and dull medium density building - Colombia, USA, U.K., Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Fr PDF  
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