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Fellow Year Project Report
Gavin Merrington, Gavin 2014 To research the latest heritage stained glass restoration techniques and isothermal protective glazing systems - UK, France, Germany, USA PDF  
Gabrielle Mordy, Gabrielle 2014 To explore processes and structures operating to support artists with disabilities to participate within mainstream art networks - USA, UK PDF  
Vanessa Russ, Vanessa 2014 To investigate how public art galleries construct and represent national identity - USA, Hong Kong, Singapore PDF  
Timothy Bignell, Timothy 2013 To obtain advanced skills and knowledge in traditional blacksmithing practices through international exposure - Italy, France, UK, Ireland PDF  
Luke Cornish, Luke 2013 To establish an international recognition of Australian stencil art through networking and collaborating with highly successful artists - UK, France, USA PDF  
Geoffrey Dobson, Geoffrey 2013 The Gallaugher Bequest Churchill Fellowship to investigate exceptional public and creative learning programs of leading multi-arts centres - UK, USA PDF  
Adam Edwards, Adam 2013 To undertake advanced training in traditional Hardanger fiddle making - Norway PDF  
Jennifer Elton, Jennifer 2013 To investigate the management of house museums and collections - UK PDF  
Brian Maxwell, Brian 2013 The James Love Churchill Fellowship to study plaster conservation methods and materials to raise the standard of conservation in culturally significant buildings - UK, Ireland, Italy PDF  
Efterpi Soropos, Efterpi 2013 To investigate, develop and implement aged care dementia immersive sensory art projects - Hong Kong, Japan, UK PDF  
Tracey Lock-Weir, Tracey 2012 To research artist Dorrit Black's formative European period (1927-29) - UK, France PDF  
Jane O'Hara, Jane 2012 To research successful international writers festivals using effective and innovative programming and governance strategies to remain relevant and valued by their communities and stakeholders - India, UK PDF  
Kaz (Karen) Paton, Kaz (Karen) 2012 To investigate arts precincts that contribute to civic renewal and cultural identity - Sweden, Denmark, Austria, France, UK PDF  
Jennifer Turpin, Jennifer 2012 To research environmental public artworks in contemporary and historic cultures - Japan, India, Italy PDF  
Mark DOUGLASS, Mark 2011 To explore new production techniques for blown, cast and pressed glass for lighting and architectural applications - Czech Republic, Italy, USA, China PDF  
Christopher MAXWORTHY, Christopher 2011 To examine Australian historical resources in Spanish language archives of Europe and Latin America - Spain, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Mexico, USA PDF  
David PANG, David 2011 To study digitisation and colour management techniques for cultural institutions - Singapore, France, Netherlands, Sweden, UK, USA PDF  
Lisa WATERS, Lisa 2011 The Churchill Fellows' Association of South Australia Churchill Fellowship to document the significant work of pioneering naturalist Jessie L. Hussey - Sweden, Netherlands, Germany, Ireland, UK PDF  
Susan FISHER, Susan 2010 To study methods for stimulating private sector support for the arts in a challenging economic environment - USA, Canada, UK, Ireland PDF  
Elizabeth KELLY, Elizabeth 2010 To investigate the design and manufacture of cast glass in architecture and public art - Singapore, France, Netherlands, UK, USA, Mexico, New Zealand PDF  
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