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Fellow Year Project Report
Dave Stevens, Dave 2015 To address root causes of disengagement of 'at-risk' students with reference to family dysfunction - USA, Canada, UK PDF  
David Taylor, David 2015 To research models of commercial culinary training/social enterprises for disadvantaged people - Singapore, USA PDF  
Fiona Walker, Fiona 2015 The Barbara Matthews Churchill Fellowship to explore how findings in neuroscience can optimise student outcomes in Australian primary schools - UK, USA PDF  
Stephen Bentley, Stephen 2014 The Gallaugher Bequest Churchill Fellowship to investigate effective models of re-engaging traumatised children with education - USA, UK PDF  
Alesha Bleakley, Alesha 2014 The Northern Districts Education Centre (Sydney) Churchill Fellowship to study the dichotomy in technology education of the future, the role of hand skills and the role of CAD/CAM technology in the production of designed solutions - USA, UK, Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, Finland PDF  
Isobel Crealy, Isobel 2014 The Peter Mitchell Churchill Fellowship to investigate language and cultural inclusion programs illustrating best practice in the integration of adolescent refugee students - Canada, USA PDF  
Valerie Furphy , Valerie 2014 To investigate cultural perspectives on sustainable social and emotional strategies that can be implemented by secondary school teachers to support mental health and wellness of gifted adolescents - Singapore, Hong Kong, UK, Slovenia, USA PDF  
Robyn MacRae, Robyn 2014 The Blakeney Millar Foundation Churchill Fellowship to investigate the use of photography programs to increase educational outcomes and community involvement of disadvantaged youth in both rural and urban areas - USA, Canada, UK, Ireland PDF  
Robert Mitchell, Robert 2014 To investigate models of postgraduate training in International Emergency Medicine - USA, UK PDF  
Kirill Monorosi, Kirill 2014 The Mr and Mrs Gerald Frank New Churchill Fellowship to find previously unpublished piano works by master composers, edit and make them available for teaching and performance in the form of modern critical editions - Russia, Germany PDF  
Michael Morgan, Michael 2014 To enhance the quality of teaching and level of instructional excellence through effective and efficient observation, evaluation and reflection to positively influence outcomes for students - USA PDF  
Belinda Wainwright, Belinda 2014 The Department for Child Protection and Family Support Churchill Fellowship to explore opportunities for improving education attainment for children with an out of home care experience, especially for Aboriginal children - Canada, USA PDF  
Ian Balcomb, Ian 2013 The Park Family Churchill Fellowship to study programs which enhance the work readiness of young people leaving school - UK, France, Greece, Hong Kong PDF  
Jacqueline Barfoot, Jacqueline 2013 The Nancy Fairfax Churchill Fellowship to investigate current evidence-based 'parent-child interaction' intervention methods for children with learning disabilities - USA, UK, Netherlands, Israel PDF  
Tanya Beech, Tanya 2013 To research vocational training courses in conservation being delivered to Indigenous Rangers - South Africa, Mozambique, Tanzania PDF  
Neil Bramsen, Neil 2013 To study programs that successfully engage and enthuse primary and middle school students in MES (Maths, Engineering and Science) learning - USA, UK PDF  
Paul Bridge, Paul 2013 The WA Department for Child Protection Churchill Fellowship to research models and programs that address challenges facing Indigenous men and their capacity to support their children into the future, and how schools can help support successful models - Canada PDF  
Andrew Butt, Andrew 2013 To investigate the jazz education journey from high school through to professional performance - USA PDF  
Karl Day, Karl 2013 To implement a first class suspect and witness interviewing strategy in the Northern Territory - UK PDF  
Geoffrey Dobson, Geoffrey 2013 The Gallaugher Bequest Churchill Fellowship to investigate exceptional public and creative learning programs of leading multi-arts centres - UK, USA PDF  
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