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Fellow Year Project Report
Greg Henry, Greg 2015 To investigate how modern fire dynamics theories influence highrise firefighting tactics and procedures - Singapore, UK, Sweden, UK, USA PDF  
Dwayne Honor, Dwayne 2015 The Queensland Department of the Premier and Cabinet Churchill Fellowship to research the impact and key learnings from extreme Storm Surge events on coastal communities - Philippines, USA PDF  
Bronnie Mackintosh AFSM, Bronnie 2015 To promote and increase numbers of women and ethnically diverse people in Australian Fire Agencies - Japan, India, UK, Sweden, France, Canada, USA PDF  
Matthew Pepper, Matthew 2015 To research international models and innovation in Tactical Emergency Medical Support - USA, Canada PDF  
Susan Pritchard, Susan 2015 To better integrate volunteer canine search capabilities with emergency services for search response - UK, Ireland, Switzerland, New Zealand PDF  
Andrew Warton, Andrew 2015 The Australian Institute of Management Churchill Fellowship to investigate emergency service volunteer community engagement to build community resilience - USA, Japan, New Zealand PDF  
Shona Whitton, Shona 2015 To investigate methods of planning and managing disaster memorials - USA, UK, Norway, Germany PDF  
David Bacchus, David 2014 To identify innovative and effective methods for the recruitment, training and management of volunteer marine rescue services - USA, Canada, UK, France PDF  
Philip Campbell, Philip 2014 To determine the effects of media images in influencing unsafe behaviour in disasters - New Zealand, USA, Canada, UK PDF  
Kirsty Hales, Kirsty 2014 To study methods for improving the risk assessment, behavioural interviewing and management of registered sex offenders by police - UK, Canada
Matthew Moloney, Matthew 2014 To research culturally effective police response to Indigenous persons in mental health crisis situations - Canada, USA, New Zealand PDF  
Justin Ranford, Justin 2014 To study methods for reducing South Australia's road toll by exploring coordinated emergency services training and rapid extrication techniques - Norway, UK PDF  
Dean Saddler, Dean 2014 To develop an Indigenous employment and retention strategy that can be utilised across all Australian law enforcement agencies - USA, Canada PDF  
Michael Wear, Michael 2014 To study Marine Search and Rescue coordination together with technology use in search planning - USA, Singapore PDF  
Scott Young, Scott 2014 The ACT Government David Balfour Churchill Fellowship to advance capacity in vertical rescue resulting in safer and more efficient operations and training - Japan, France, Sweden, USA PDF  
Narelle Beer, Narelle 2013 To undertake specialised training in the development and execution of integrity testing in policing - USA, UK PDF  
Peter Blake, Peter 2013 To study the development and implementation of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for use by Australian police services - Germany, UK, Canada, USA PDF  
Karl Day, Karl 2013 To implement a first class suspect and witness interviewing strategy in the Northern Territory - UK PDF  
Matthew Gould, Matthew 2013 The Lord Mayor's Bushfire Appeal Churchill Fellowship to analyse the use of social media as a communication and intelligence gathering tool during fire emergency incidents - USA, UK, Belgium, Netherlands PDF  
Wayne Harris, Wayne 2013 To identify successful methodologies that provide alternatives to incarcerating intoxicated persons in police watch houses - USA, Canada PDF  
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