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Fellow Year Project Report
Louise Hallo, Louise 2019 To support young people develop healthy and safe strategies when engaging in sexual relationships - USA
Kirsten Hancock, Kirsten 2019 The WA Department of Communities Churchill Fellowship to research factors and contexts linked with successful and failing student absenteeism strategies - New Zealand, USA
Russell Harrison, Russell 2019 To develop an effective strategy for regulating illegal accommodation in Australia - USA, UK, France, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, China
Madeleine Hartley, Madeleine 2019 To improve our legal frameworks' response to water scarcity by learning from the global experience - South Korea, UK, USA, Mexico, Chile
Amanda Healy, Amanda 2019 To complete formal and recognised training in Fashion Design in Europe with subject experts - Italy, UK
Ana Heitor, Ana 2019 To investigate bio-mediated soil stabilization applied to Australian conditions - USA, Singapore
David Hickey, David 2019 To analyse appropriate procedures for the investigation of police critical incidents - USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Thailand
Arnagretta Hunter, Arnagretta 2019 The Bob and June Prickett Churchill Fellowship to learn skills in Narrative Medicine for education of medical students, doctors, patients and families - UK, USA, Netherlands
Faina Iligoga, Faina 2019 The Tasmanian Churchill Fellows' Association Churchill Fellowship to establish a documentation and healing centre that will teach the history of the genocide in Rwanda - Poland, Rwanda, Cambodia, Israel
Ingrid Johanson, Ingrid 2019 The Peter Mitchell Churchill Fellowship to investigate philanthropic models connecting remote women's social enterprise to broad networks - USA, Guatemala, India, New Zealand
Lois Keay-Smith, Lois 2019 To help adults navigate their career interruption, career re-invention and work life after cancer - Canada, USA, UK
Russell Kelley, Russell 2019 The Dr Dorothea Sandars and Irene Lee Churchill Fellowship to renew a proven, easy-to-use, tool for self directed learning and training in coral identification - UK, Germany, Italy, Indonesia
Rachel Kennedy, Rachel 2019 To implement exercise programs for Australian children and young people living with neuromuscular disease - UK, Denmark, Netherlands, USA, Canada
Traci Keys, Traci 2019 To increase effective and supportive options for women experiencing sexual harassment in the workplace - Canada, USA, UK, Ireland
Ali Khan, Ali 2019 To enhance support for gay male survivors of domestic violence - UK, USA
David Kim-Boyle, David 2019 To investigate design and development strategies for augmented reality music applications - USA
Tracey Kreplins, Tracey 2019 To investigate predator management in a farming and agricultural context - South Africa
Naomi Lacey, Naomi 2019 To study peak community garden bodies to continue the development of our national organisation - UK, Ireland, Netherlands, USA
Kristy Lark-Booth, Kristy 2019 To establish Physic and Apothecary Gardens specifically for distillation, education and tourism - USA, Italy, France, UK
Sharni Lawler, Sharni 2019 To examine international techniques for the Family Liaison Officer in homicide investigations - UK, Canada, USA
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