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Fellow Year Project Report
Jane Rooney, Jane 2016 To investigate contemporary conservative management programs for Anterior Cruciate knee injuries - Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, UK, USA PDF  
Ricki Smith, Ricki 2016 To articulate the benefits of reablement for older people to inform government implementation plans - New Zealand, UK, Denmark PDF  
Anthony Walker, Anthony 2016 The ACT Government David Balfour Churchill Fellowship to establish best practice models for firefighter peer-led workplace health and fitness programs - USA, Netherlands, Italy, UK PDF  
Margaret Wallen, Margaret 2016 To harness the expertise of international research centres respected for their partnership with consumers and apply the learnings to Cerebral Palsy research in Australia - Canada, USA, Netherlands, UK PDF  
Kevin White, Kevin 2016 To increase safety by removing, reducing and mitigating occupational violence in prisons and like facilities - Canada, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Singapore PDF  
Tushara Wickramariyaratne, Tushara 2016 To investigate models of psychological care for older transgender and gender diverse individuals - USA, Canada, Netherlands PDF  
Antoinette Anazodo, Antoinette 2015 To identify gaps in the delivery of oncofertility (cancer and fertility) care in Australia - USA PDF  
Jo-Ann Brown, Jo-Ann 2015 To investigate effective care programs for people living with dementia in prison - New Zealand, USA PDF  
Edward Bullitis, Edward 2015 To investigate services and practices relevant to homeless individuals exhibiting premature ageing - Canada, USA, UK, Ireland PDF  
Karen Collas, Karen 2015 To examine the role and scope of practice of Nurse Practitioners in remote areas with universal health care - UK, Greenland, Canada PDF  
Anna Cronin, Anna 2015 To investigate the optimal management of speech problems in toddlers with cleft palate - New Zealand, Brazil, USA, Denmark PDF  
Donisha Duff, Donisha 2015 The Bob and June Prickett Churchill Fellowship to investigate chronic kidney disease programs for Aboriginal First Nations people - New Zealand, USA, Canada PDF  
Marion Eckert, Marion 2015 The Leslie (Les) J. Fleming Churchill Fellowship to gain knowledge to develop a cancer survivorship monitoring tool for South Australia - Austria, Netherlands, UK PDF  
Anna Francis, Anna 2015 To start a transition programme for teenagers and young adults with kidney transplants in Queensland - UK, USA PDF  
Stephen Geason, Stephen 2015 To conduct meaningful research into age care facilities which will assist in designing for dementia - UK, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Norway PDF  
Prue Golland, Prue 2015 To investigate evidence based interventions for maximising gross motor outcomes in children with cerebral palsy - Sweden, Belgium, UK PDF  
Phillip Good, Phillip 2015 The Dr Dorothea Sandars and Irene Lee Churchill Fellowship to integrate research and clinical practice in Palliative Care - Canada, UK PDF  
Caroline Langston, Caroline 2015 To improve access to aged and dementia care in small rural communities - Netherlands, Denmark, UK, Canada PDF  
Emma Litleton, Emma 2015 To investigate ways in which medicinal cannabis is regulated for the treatment of seriously ill children - USA, Netherlands, Spain, Italy PDF  
David Mackey, David 2015 The Kevin Bell Churchill Fellowship to evaluate recruitment, treatment and monitoring of patients having gene therapy for Inherited Retinal Diseases - UK PDF  
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