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Fellow Year Project Report
Sandra Wendlandt, Sandra 2014 The Justice James Muirhead Churchill Fellowship to explore alternative and culturally specific programs which aim to divert Indigenous first time offenders from the criminal justice system - New Zealand, Canada, UK, Belgium, Germany, South Africa PDF  
Lucy Adams, Lucy 2013 To address the negative impact of laws regulating public space on people experiencing homelessness - USA, Canada, Belgium, Switzerland, UK PDF  
Linda Gyorki, Linda 2013 To research the ethical and practical barriers of integrating legal assistance into a health-care setting - Canada, USA, UK PDF  
Amy Watts, Amy 2013 To investigate models of registered intermediaries for child victims/witnesses in the criminal justice system - Ireland, UK, Austria, Norway PDF  
John Chesterman, John 2012 To investigate the abuse, exploitation and neglect of at-risk adults - UK, USA, Canada PDF  
Kanaga Dharmananda, Kanaga 2012 To facilitate the establishment of a centre for natural resources arbitration in Australia - France, Switzerland, UK, USA PDF  
Julie Grainger, Julie 2012 To examine strategies adopted in other jurisdictions for dealing with Litigants in Person in the civil justice system - New Zealand, USA, UK PDF  
Jared Sharp, Jared 2012 The Justice James Muirhead Churchill Fellowship to investigate strategies for increasing the cultural integrity of court processes for Aboriginal young people and their families in the Northern Territory Youth Justice System - USA, Canada, New Zealand PDF  
Senthorun Sunil Raj, Senthorun 2012 To investigate how sexual orientation and gender identity refugee claims are being pursued by specialist caseworkers - USA, UK PDF  
Mark CROFTON, Mark 2011 To investigate guardianship laws, policy and education in order to prevent and prosecute elder financial abuse - UK, USA, Canada PDF  
Felicity FLACK, Felicity 2011 To investigate different models of data linkage to maximise the public benefit and minimise the risks to individual privacy - UK, Canada PDF  
Christine GRIFFITHS, Christine 2011 To research successful models which implement the rights of victims of crime in the criminal justice system - USA, UK, Netherlands PDF  
Gregory LEVINE OAM, Gregory 2011 To develop a model for Family Drug Treatment Courts for Australian jurisdictions - USA, UK PDF  
Rodolfo MONTELEONE, Rodolfo 2011 To investigate methods for improving the efficiency, effectiveness and integrity of the Victorian Jury System - Canada, USA, UK PDF  
Jelena POPOVIC, Jelena 2011 To study meaningful sentencing strategies for indigent low level offenders - USA, Canada, UK, Switzerland, France, Finland, Netherlands, Sweden PDF  
Andreas SCHLOENHARDT PhD, Andreas 2011 To examine the application and effectiveness of anti-organised crime laws in Australia - Austria, France, Germany, UK, USA PDF  
Michelle BROWNING, Michelle 2010 To investigate new models of guardianship and the emerging practice of supported decision making - Canada, UK PDF  
Dianne CHARTRES, Dianne 2010 To investigate Supported Decision Making practices, capacity building strategies and other alternatives to full guardianship - Canada, UK, Ireland, Czech Republic, India PDF  
Alexander COLLIE, Alexander 2010 To study the impact of compensation on health and work outcomes following injury - UK, Switzerland, Netherlands, Canada, USA PDF  
Julie JACKSON, Julie 2010 The WA Department for Child Protection Churchill Fellowship to study methods to achieve an integrated and collaborative approach to improve services for children and their families where there are child welfare concerns - New Zealand, USA, Canada, UK PDF  
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