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Fellow Year Project Report
Phillip KAFCALOUDES, Phillip 2002 The Sir William Kilpatrick Churchill Fellowship to investigate trauma and grief training programmes for journalists - Canada, USA, U.K., Germany PDF  
Melanie OSTELL, Melanie 2002 To observe editorial and publishing practices within some of the world's most prestigious publishing houses - USA, U.K. PDF  
Peter RASMUSSEN, Peter 2001 To obtain information on the viability of small commercial radio stations and establish a relationship with "Big Sky Country USA" - USA PDF  
Geraldine DOOGUE AO, Geraldine 2000 To study the reporting of social and cultural affairs - UK, Ireland, Canada, USA, Netherlands, Italy
Stuart EVERETT, Stuart 2000 To recapture the techniques used in early cinema presentation - UK, France, USA
Atul JOSHI, Atul 2000 The Gilbert Spottiswood Churchill Fellowship to investigate ways to develop, present and market new writing for stage, screen and television - UK, USA PDF  
Mike LADD, Mike 2000 To study contemporary British poetry and the production of cultural radio programmes - UK PDF  
Jane CONNORS, Jane 1999 To observe oral-history based radio programming ' U.K., USA PDF  
BLAIR ROOTS, BLAIR 1999 To assess rural television production in the farming and regional communities - USA, Canada
Prue INNES, Prue 1998 To gain insight into the relationship between the courts, judiciary and the media - USA, Canada, UK PDF  
Peter KIRKWOOD, Peter 1998 To study TV broadcasting with particular reference to documentaries on religion, ethics and science - Canada, USA, UK, Ireland
Karen VAN ULZEN, Karen 1998 To study critical assessment and print media presentation of dance - UK, USA, Germany
Tracy WILLIAMS, Tracy 1997 To examine the representation, employment and training of African-American and ethnic minorities working in television broadcast news - USA, Canada
Tracey CAIN, Tracey 1996 The Peter Mitchell Churchill Fellowship to develop skills in media policy formulation by observing the 1996 Presidential Elections both generally and at the White House - USA PDF  
Margaret BRYANT, Margaret 1995 To study European teams producing and commissioning TV arts programmes and gain insight into scheduling and packaging practices - France, UK
Peter CLACK, Peter 1995 To examine methods of gathering and presenting news of police activities and crime in prominent newspapers - USA, Ireland, UK
Matthew MOORE, Matthew 1995 To visit major newspaper, journalism institutes and associated media organisations to learn how to maintain and improve their integrity and public accountability - USA, Canada, UK
Michele MOSSOP, Michele 1995 To attend seminars in photojournalism at the International Centre of Photography - USA
Pamela RUSHBY, Pamela 1994 To investigate the production of educational television - Canada
David GOLDIE, David 1993 To study innovative techniques in the production of film and video documentaries - USA, UK
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