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Fellow Year Project Report
Bernie COATES, Bernie 2002 To study neighbourhood renewal with a focus on inter-sectorial work, community building, integrated services and promoting independence - U.K., France PDF  
Leonie JACQUES, Leonie 2002 To study the international social policy response and provision of services for the families, friends and significant others of people who are missing - USA, U.K. PDF  
Veronica SHEEN, Veronica 2002 The Sir Vincent Fairfax Churchill Fellowship to study specific policies and programmes for disadvantaged older workers and to investigate generic policy development in relation to ageing workforce issues - USA, U.K. PDF  
Scott EMERSON, Scott 2001 To study and produce for publication an analysis of emerging United States political campaign techniques and their likely impact on Australian elections - USA PDF  
Brok GLENN, Brok 2001 To examine the implications of government and non-government funding of universities - USA, UK, Italy, France, Hong Kong
Norman JAGGER, Norman 2001 The Jack Sheeran Churchill Fellowship to study the response of the National Baking Industry to the demands of self-regulation, environmental impact and community consultation - UK PDF  
Melanja KWIATKOWSKI, Melanja 2001 The Sir Vincent Fairfax Churchill Fellowship to investigate professional development and training, occupational health and safety, workplace design, organisational and management attitudinal change and workplace reform issues relating to the needs of olde PDF  
Graham WOOD, Graham 2001 The Monash University Churchill Fellowship to study the role of government in the establishment, accreditation and quality assurance of universities - UK, USA, Netherlands, New Zealand PDF  
Randall BYRAM, Randall 2000 To research the conditions, methods and techniques by which Government and Private Sector establish eco-industrial parks - Denmark, Germany, USA
Annemarie DEVEREUX, Annemarie 2000 To investigate the operation of non-government human rights organisations - USA, Canada, South Africa
Juliet HUNT, Juliet 2000 To study initiatives for institutionalising Gender and Development approaches within Government and non-Government development organisations - Philippines, Bangladesh, UK, Sweden, France, Netherlands PDF  
Rhonda BROWN, Rhonda 1999 To compare and evaluate the relationship between enforcement models, the reduction of workplace injuries and illness and the promotion of safety management - U.K., Germany, Sweden, Switzerland
Diana DAGG, Diana 1999 To study co-ordination among Government agencies operating at the local level in children's health, welfare and development - U.K., USA
Adim HAJAT, Adim 1999 To study ways in which local govenments can increase efficiency and implement new programmes - Australia
Stephanie SMITH, Stephanie 1999 To investigate a variety of roles local governments are adopting to facilitate the retention and promotion of affordable housing for people on low incomes - uk, netherlands, germany
Robin KING CULLEN, Robin 1998 To investigate techniques to improve representative community input to urban and regional planning - New Zealand, South Africa, UK, USA, Canada
Margaret BATH, Margaret 1997 To investigate ways to reduce workplace back injury - France, UK
John CIPOLLA, John 1997 To analyse refugee determination procedures - Canada, USA, Germany PDF  
Shauna TOMKINS, Shauna 1997 The AMP Churchill Fellowship to examine models for multi-jurisdiction/multi-sector regulation of the finance sector - USA, UK, Canada, Belgium
Michael WALSH, Michael 1997 To investigate occupational health and safety management - Canada
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